Activision's community survey hints at the possible return of the classic battle royale maps in Warzone (Image via Activision)

Activision is sending out surveys to choose the next Warzone map: Verdansk, Blackout remastered, and more

A recent report recently surfaced online indicating a possible return of some classic battle royale maps in Warzone in the near future. While it is not officially stated by Activision, the information suggests that publishers are sending out surveys to people in the community to choose between some old fan-favorite maps in Call of Duty's battle royale history.

With Al Mazrah being the primary battle royale map to play right now, fans will surely want to know what is forthcoming. Previously, developers and publishers stated that they want to listen to the community and make Warzone a place for everyone to thrive.

This new poll might be a big step towards creating a community-based ecosystem in Call of Duty. Here is what the poll offered to fans who got the opportunity to vote.

Activision's poll asked the community to choose the preferred next big map in Warzone

In CharlieIntel's recent Twitter post, Activision sent out a new survey to find out what people think of the next Warzone map and what they would prefer.

The survey has five options to choose from.

  • An all-new map
  • Return of the Verdansk '84 map (2021)
  • Return of the Caldera map (2021)
  • Return of the original Verdansk map (2020)
  • Return of the Blackout map (Black Ops 4, 2019)

While this is not mentioned in the survey, several individuals online assume that if old maps return, remastered versions of them will feature in the game.

Activision is sending out a new survey asking people what they think the next Warzone map should be, and it includes remasters of old Warzone maps as options. Does not confirm any potential returns, at this point.

Fans have been clamoring to see the return of Verdansk for a very long time, and creating a poll to understand what players want is surely an amazing initiative from Activision's side. With Caldera still playable as part of the Warzone Caldera, it is unclear why the map was included in the poll or if it needs to be remastered or not. The inclusion of the Blackout map has also made fans nostalgic and a large part of the community surely wants the good old days of Black Ops IV back in Warzone.

@charlieINTEL Just remastered Blackout and make it FTP. Seriously

On the Twitter thread, some individuals from the community also suggested creating a rotation-based map system in the game where players will be able to play all the maps at different times.

@charlieINTEL rotating maps like every other br

However, none of this confirms anything or indicates a possible return of any of the maps. The survey was conducted to find out what the community wants right now. Fans hope that Activision will listen to their demands and create content accordingly.

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