Warzone 2's recent leak hints at map being more akin to Blackout

Activision has already confirmed that Warzone 2 is in development (Image via Activision)
Activision has already confirmed that Warzone 2 is in development (Image via Activision)
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Call of Duty Warzone is undoubtedly the biggest multiplayer battle royale FPS available. Since its release in 2020, the game has evolved a lot.

It was launched on the Modern Warfare (2019) engine. Even the primary map that came with the launch, Verdansk, was built from the ground up using assets taken from MW's multiplayer and campaign.

Subsequently, the two next Call of Duty titles, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, were integrated into the battle royale. While the title was originally not meant to run for more than a year, the developers have accepted it is in a too bloated place right now, and fans deserve a fresh start.


Warzone's experience is massive. Previously, nothing was as big as the game in Call of Duty history. With 150 players on a single map, fighting to their last breath is an immersive experience that fans thrive on. However, the game's current state is not great.

Recent leak reveals information about Warzone 2's map

Publisher Activision has announced that an entirely new iteration is coming, built from the ground up. Nothing has yet been confirmed by the developer Infinity Ward or the publisher.

Warzone 2 is in development for 2023, Bloomberg reports.

While details are sparse on the forthcoming title, there are multiple leaks and rumors around the community believed to be accurate.

While the fan-favorite Verdansk has gone deep into the dark abyss, Caldera has taken its place. However, fans are still unhappy with what Warzone offers for their traditional battle royale map experience.

Since the next iteration's announcement, they have been impatiently waiting for any news regarding the upcoming map in the game. While there are rumors about Verdansk returning, popular leaker Tom Henderson posted massive information regarding the next map.

To be honest, the new Warzone 2 map looks more like Blackout than it does Warzone in terms of its layout. It's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

Previously, users have seen another leaker's report about the new map being desert-themed. The new leak by Tom Henderson adds some potential to it.


Fans who have played Blackout in Black Ops 4 would be able to remember that there are some parts of the map with an open desert and less cover. While this new update is intriguing, the community has mixed reactions to the changes if the Blackout-like map becomes true.

@_Tom_Henderson_ So disappointing if true. Warzone’s winning recipe is being completely altered. Change up one thing, not everything. Really hope they don’t get this wrong but if what you say is true I imagine we’re heading to an hybrid cod/apex :(

Few details are known about the upcoming title or map, but it is expected that the game will be a complete overhaul and run on the forthcoming Modern Warfare 2 engine. As for the release date, nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans hope that they will experience the new era early next year.

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