Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reportedly has a dynamic weather system and day/night cycles as per recent leaks

Modern Warfare 2's new leak reportedly reveals dynamic weather in Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2's new leak reportedly reveals dynamic weather in Call of Duty

Since the release of Modern Warfare 2's logo on April 28, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next segment of Call of Duty. The game is undoubtedly the most hyped CoD title in the franchise's history.

Details are sparse on the forthcoming title so far. Activision and the developer Infinity Ward have not confirmed anything as of today. However, multiple leaks and rumors revealed staggering details about the much-anticipated title Modern Warfare 2.

The hype around Modern Warfare 2 has skyrocketed since Activision announced their new title. The latest iteration of the MW saga was a big hit in the franchise's history. Due to this, fans hold immense expectations from the upcoming game, which is likely to arrive by the end of this year.

Modern Warfare 2's new leak reportedly reveals dynamic weather in Call of Duty?

According to trusted sources, the next generation of Call of Duty is all set to have an extraction type game mode called 'DMZ'. It is to be believed that the mode will have a similar game style to Escape from Tarkov and Hazard Zone.

A new leak about this mode named 'DMZ' has been flying around the community. The leak came from a prominent CoD leaker @TheGhostOfHope. His leaks have been pretty accurate over the course of time.

As the leak suggests, the new mode 'DMZ' will have dynamic weather and day/night cycles enabled in-game. This indicates that players will fight in multiple scenarios on the same map. There is also a possibility of an addition to the theater mode/photo mode in the game, which will help players memorize the moments in their respective ways.

Although there is no confirmation and very little is known about all these leaks, the leaker also reveals that the Dynamic weather and day/night cycles will not just be a part of DMZ and there is a significant chance that it will carry over to Warzone 2 as well.

The report further suggests that the addition of 'DMZ' will have PvE and PvP in separate modes, and the mode will include online and offline support. The Tweet says,

"Modern Warfare II's third mode 'DMZ' will include PvE and PvP separate modes. Infinity Ward are still wanting to cater to their PvE audience so everything being online isn't something they want to do. 'DMZ' will have Online AND Offline support."

For players who are not familiar with the extraction type of game modes, here is some information about it, based on Escape from Tarkov.


In extraction-type game modes, players will have some set objectives that they need to extract in co-op/multiplayer mode. During the game, if opposing players have the same objective, they are bound to fight. There are usually some PvE elements where players encounter obstacles which are AIs. The goal of the mode is to complete the job and survive till the escape point.

However, it is unclear if Modern Warfare 2 will have the same type of gameplay or not, as it is yet to be revealed by the developer Infinity Ward.

Fans impatiently waiting to get a glimpse of the next iteration of Modern Warfare have finally received some good news. As some leaks suggest, the game will have some sort of reveal trailer on June 8. Presumably, there have more information about the game and the said mode in the upcoming days.