5 classic Call of Duty guns that fans want to see in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 (2022) is probably the most hyped game in the franchise's history (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 (2022) is probably the most hyped game in the franchise's history (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is probably the most anticipated FPS game. With every leak and news related to Modern Warfare 2 coming online, fans are becoming more eager for the sequel to arrive.

Developer Infinity Ward has already unveiled the logo for the upcoming iteration of the Modern Warfare series, and nostalgia is hitting fans hard when they hear the old Modern Warfare 2 OST in the background of the logo-reveal-teaser.

The name Modern Warfare 2 itself brings back memories of the good old days of Call of Duty. In 2009, fans had a blast with everything Activision had to offer for their yearly title. The game possessed a load of armory. Every single gun in the game recalls what the community had back then.

With the gameplay reveal date getting closer, fans are now more than excited over everything related to Modern Warfare 2. Activision and Infinity Ward are trying to make sure that they listen to their community and create a new Call of Duty era accordingly.

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Five guns that need to be in Modern Warfare 2

As for the new game’s arsenal, nothing has been revealed yet. However, fans would love to see these five guns from the classic MW2 in the latest iteration.

1) ACR


This gun is a classic Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle that was adored by the COD community. Compared to other MW assault rifles, this gun had slightly less damage output, but the almost zero recoil made the gun stand out the most.

The gun also had a great fire rate, range, and mobility. So, players just needed to aim to hit most of the shots. The ACR was massively popular back in the day.

In a recent video, popular Warzone content creator FaZe Swagg made a Kilo 141 loadout that resembles the classic ACR. After watching the video, veteran COD players are reminiscing about the days they have left behind and would love to see the gun in the new title again.

2) UMP 45


The SMG meta from back in the day was broken from the start. The gun had a high DPS and low recoil. It also had an insane range as an SMG. The weapon had the potential to be a three-shot kill in mid-range.

This SMG probably had the highest pick rate in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Fans begged multiple times to bring the gun back to Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone. However, Infinity Ward never approved the request.

There is a high chance that the classic weapon will make a comeback in the next iteration of Call of Duty.

3) Intervention


The gun is probably the most popular sniper in Call of Duty history. Be it long-range, quick scope, trick shot, or no scope, every pro player to beginner used to run the gun without a doubt.

The damage output of the gun was probably the best in the game. In the same video, Swagg made an AX- 50 loadout in Warzone, which resembled the Intervention. He had a blast in the game.

He further said:

“These two, the Kilo and the AX-50 are the closest to the ACR and the Intervention, they were both leaked, but the main focus is the Intervention man.”

No doubt fans are eagerly waiting to drop onto Modern Warfare 2 with their all-time favorite sniper rifle.

4) SPAS -12


The gun was probably the most unfair shotgun in COD history. The weapon could kill enemies at close range as well as long range.

The gun could kill people with a single shot at any range. Some pro COD players used the gun as a sniper back in the game. This gun could be used as a secondary weapon that works like a primary one.

The shotgun meta from MW 2 days was a fan favorite. Call of Duty Warzone already possesses a gun that is a successor to the classic shotgun. The Gallo SA12 probably resembles the SPAS-12 the most in the game. However, fans would love the original gun to arrive in COD again.

5) AK -47


Call of Duty will never achieve completeness without a classic good old AK-47. Be it Modern Warfare or Black Ops, the gun always makes a comeback and becomes the undisputed meta in no time.

In Warzone, the Cold War variant of the gun is probably still the best in the game. In Modern Warfare 2, the weapon had an insane DPS, making it almost unbeatable.

However, like all AK -47 in Call of Duty, the gun had a great amount of recoil. If players could control it, no weapon could compete with the classic Russian-made legend.

The release date of Modern Warfare 2 hasn't been confirmed yet by Activision. However, it is expected that the game is all set to make an entry in the Q4 slot this year.

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