How to obtain the UGR in Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The UGR in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (image via Activision)
The UGR in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (image via Activision)
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Treyarch has unveiled a new gun named UGR in their latest content release for Black Ops Cold War, which is also available in Warzone. Even after almost a year and a half of its release, the developers have been giving live support to the game.

With the massive arsenal that Warzone possesses, this new weapon in the inventory is also a great option in Close quarter gunfights.


For players wondering how to get their hands on this new SMG from Black Ops Cold War, here is every detail they need to know to unlock the gun. Players can unlock the said gun in four different ways.

How to unlock the UGR in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

While Vanguard is the primary game that is integrated with Warzone at the moment, Treyarch and Infinity Ward are still adding content to their respective games. This new content is carrying over to Call of Duty's ultimate battle royale experience.

According to Treyarch studio's gun description, this new SMG is a

“Short-range powerhouse or a mid-range precision tool.”
New Operator Lazar and new SMG UGR is available now in #BlackOpsColdWar and #Warzone. Get the SMG as part of the bundle or with the challenge being completed.

The studio added the gun with the May 6 update of the Black Ops Cold War. As per stats, this gun can compete with some of the top SMG metas in Warzone. To get the gun for free, players can either complete any of the three challenges or can purchase the gun from the ‘Lazar operator bundle’.


Now live in #BlackOpsColdWar:• Jungle remastered• New UGR SMG• Lazar Operator Bundle• Jungle 24/7Details:…🐍

The gun can be obtained through an in-game challenge in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. To get the gun, players need to kill an enemy in 15 different matches. The opposing player needs to be revealed via Spy Plane, UAV or Field Mac.

Cold War multiplayer challenges are comparatively easier than in Warzone. The matches are shorter and the maps are smaller compared to Rebirth Island or Caldera. So, players need to keep their speed up and finish the matches.


Players can also obtain the gun while playing Cold War zombies. To get the UGR, they need to kill 1000 enemies using an Epic rarity weapon. This challenge is also easy to complete. Getting 1000 kills in a swarm of zombies is not a tough deal to crack.


The same challenge for Cold War multiplayer is also applicable for battle royale. However, this can be a bit difficult and time-consuming if players do not own the game.

The best way to complete this challenge while playing Warzone is to do it on Rebirth. Compared to all Caldera modes, all Rebirth matches are faster and because of the condensed layout of Rebirth Island, players can easily push people after knowing their location via UAV.

‘Lazar’ Operator Bundle

Our boy Lazar is ready to drop in.#BlackOpsColdWar #Warzone

Another way to obtain this gun is by purchasing the ‘Lazar Operator Bundle.’ Players will get the Lazar operator skin, the ‘Dealmaker’ weapon blueprint for the ‘UGR’, and eight other items. The whole bundle will cost 2,400 Call of Duty points worth $20.

However, players still need to complete the base challenge to be able to unlock all the attachments for the weapon. The "Dealmaker" blueprint will come with specific attachments and can be difficult to handle if it does not match player’s playstyle.

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