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Twitch mod goes viral for sharing highly inappropriate story on stream (Image via DallasGalley/Twitch)

"Certified kook": Social media reacts to Twitch mod revealing shocking detail about meeting a female streamer

Twitch moderator and streamer who goes by the moniker DallasGalley is going viral on Reddit after a clip of him sharing a creepy story about meeting a prominent female streamer started gaining traction on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail. The clip features the mod sharing a highly inappropriate story about hugging a female streamer that has caused many to call him out.

The post titled 'Mod for female streamers tells complete strangers at the bar that he “c*me in his pants” after hugging his favorite female streamer IRL' has received over a thousand upvotes, with many calling out the moderator for his problematic behavior in public. On Redditor called him a "kook," with others agreeing with the description.



"I hugged her and...": Twitch moderator for female streamers shares inappropriate story on stream

The streamer DallasGalley is a Twitch moderator for a number of female streamers on the platform and was retelling a story about meeting one of them while hanging out with some strangers during an IRL stream. The contents of the story were not only shocking to the viewers but also to the random people in the background.


The moderator, to the surprise of the strangers around him, chose to reveal this while talking to them on camera:

"I met a girl, a streamer. I went up to her and hugged her. And I c*me in my pants, hugging..."

Both the people he was talking to were stunned, and as DallasGalley chuckled, someone off camera can be heard commenting:

"I think you need to get laid more often."

Redditors of r/LivestreamFail did not appreciate his story, with many calling him a creep. Many wondered how the female streamers allowed such a socially inept person to moderate their streams. Here are more reactions from r/LivestreamFails, who lambasted the Twitch mod. Many also noted how the people around him were stunned at his revelation:


Some even thought the Twitch mod was actually trolling before others pointed out that he wasn't and actually believed his behavior to be quite a normal aspect to share with strangers.


Others claimed that DallsGalley's Twitter was even worse:


The number of prominent female Twitch streamers has only increased in recent years, but that hasn't protected them from bizarre behavior, be it stalking or something else. Popular creator Amouranth was even stalked during last year's TwitchCon.

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