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"If you unironically follow Andrew Tate, you're a f***ing loser" - Ludwig calls out Andrew Tate fans on stream

During a recent livestream, YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig called out Andrew Tate fans after the latter asked the former not to insult the controversial internet personality.

After reading the fan message, Ludwig did not hold back on his opinions and called Andrew Tate's fans the following:

"'Don't s**t talk Andrew Tate?' If you unironically follow Andrew Tate, you're a f***ing loser, but I'll save that for Mogul Mail. I'll save that for Mogul Mail, we'll get to that another day, okay?"

Ludwig has some strong words for Andrew Tate fans

Former professional kickboxer and controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has taken the internet by storm.


The British-American millionaire has been making appearances on livestreams with several prominent Twitch streamers such as xQc, HasanAbi, and Adin Ross and has provided some rather questionable and controversial opinions live on stream that many have deemed to be "misogynistic."

Due to his widespread reach, it would be safe to assume that the 35-year-old influencer would have attracted a reasonable amount of fan-following.

During Ludwig's recent livestream, the YouTube Gaming star noted that some of his viewers present in the chat room were asking him not to talk negatively about Andrew Tate.

The Mogul Money Live host hit back at Andrew Tate fans by calling them losers and expanded upon his opinions by sarcastically pointing out:

"You need a man to tell you how to be an alpha? That's a beta thing. You're paying a man?"

Some viewers suggested that Andrew Tate fans might be trolling. The Los Angeles-based content creator's response was:

"Isn't he just trolling? I'm going to get... I... Okay, I... I'll leak this. I wrote a f***ing essay on the plane..."

However, the conversation took a turn as he revealed that his partner, Blaire "QTCinderella," had spilled her coffee and apologized for getting distracted:

"I wrote an essay on... oh no! QT (QTCinderella) spilled all the coffee I got her. That's so sad. That is so sad. I'm so sorry, she spilled it all over her computer. Oh, that's so sad."

He then got back on to the point and ended the conversation by adding:

"I wrote an entire essay for a Mogul Mail on Andrew Tate because I think it's kind of really interesting."

A few days ago, the YouTuber uploaded a 12-minute long video titled "This Man Ruined a Generation of Kids" on his alternative YouTube channel, Mogul Mail, and provided his opinions on Andrew Tate in-depth.

Fans on YouTube react to Ludwig calling out Andrew Tate fans

Fans present in the YouTube comment section shared the same sentiment as the YouTube Gaming sensation, with some viewers referring to Andrew Tate as "Andrew Taint":

Fans in the YouTube comment section react to the streamer calling out Andrew Tate fans 1/2 (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)

Here are some more fan reactions:

Fans in the YouTube comment section react to the streamer calling out Andrew Tate fans 2/2 (Image via Ludwin Clips/YouTube)

Aside from Ludwig, several other content creators and streamers have expressed their dislike towards Andrew Tate and the controversial opinions he often presents.

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