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This is one of the few photos available for this new merchandise (Image via HoYoverse)

Official Genshin Impact Ayaka figure to go on sale this week: Price, expected shipping, and more details

Genshin Impact fans seeking official merchandise might be pleased to know that an Ayaka figure will be available soon. This figurine will be 1/7 of her size to scale and is scheduled to be purchasable at 20:00 (UTC+8) on June 15, 2023. One can get it at Tmall, but third-party suppliers will also stock this product in exchange for a higher price.

The default price for this official Genshin Impact Ayaka figure is 929 Yuan, which converts to approximately $130.32 in USD. Note that this price is for if you purchase it at Tmall. Other sites like Genshin Global may charge you $289.99 for the same product. There are more details of this new merchandise to cover in the following sections of this article.


Everything to know about the new official Genshin Impact Ayaka figure

Figure detail
Kamisato Ayaka ver 1/7 scale figure
Size: About 29 cm height (including platform)/
Material: PVC & ABS
Price: 929 CNY ~ 130USD
Release date: August 2024
Pre-order bonus will be delivered from end of July 2023
#GenshinImpact #原神 #원신 #Ayaka

Here are the important details for this figure that haven't been covered in the previous section of this article:

  • Expected release date: August 2024
  • Size: ~29 cm long (this includes the little watery platform she's on)
  • Materials: PVC and ABS

The pre-order bonus for those interested can be seen in the following tweet.

Pre-order bonus: Shikishi 216*146mm

This Shikishi board is slated to be delivered to players sometime by July 2023. It is 216 x 146 mm wide. The artwork isn't anything new, but some Genshin Impact players might still appreciate having it hung somewhere in their homes.

Another photo of the full Ayaka figure (Image via Apex Store, HoYoverse)

Travelers who want a full view of the new official Ayaka figure can see it in the above photo. She's doing her signature pose here with a small underneath platform resembling rippling water and blue Inazuman flowers.

The primary store featuring this cool merchandise is the Apex Store on Tmall. If one struggles to use that Chinese website, third-party vendors may offer this product, too, so check that out.

Hu Tao figure is also going to become available

出自热门游戏《原神》中「往生堂」堂主——胡桃,激萌登场!【胡桃 Q版摇摇乐】6月15日20:00预售开启!
#APEXTOYS #原神 #Genshin #HoYoverse #miHoYo

In related news, a chibi Hu Tao figure of her on a ghost will also become available in addition to the aforementioned Ayaka figure. Both pieces of merchandise are official, so Genshin Impact players can seek to get each one.

Hu Tao's figure costs 99 Yuan on Tmall, meaning it's the equivalent of $13.89 in USD. It's substantially cheaper and is expected to be shipped by March 2024, making it arrive a few months before the new Ayaka figure.

Another official look at the new Hu Tao figurine (Image via Apex Store, HoYoverse)

This product is also offered on Apex Store's official Tmall page. It's about 10 cm long, 6 cm wide, and has a diameter of 4.3 cm. This item is also made out of PVC and ABS. Remember that its pre-order release date and time is also June 15, 2023, at 20:00 (UTC+8).


Genshin Impact players planning to buy products from Tmall should use the above video as a guide for browsing the Chinese website. Just make sure to browse to Apex Store's account on Tmall to find the official Hu Tao and Ayaka figures.

That's everything Travelers need to know about the latest new merchandise approved by miHoYo.

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