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PMSL Day 2 witnessed tough competition among 16 teams (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL)2023 Spring Week 1 Day 2: Overall standings, overview, and more

VOIN Esports from Indonesia strengthened their hold on the overall leaderboard as Day 2 of the first week of PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) Spring 2023, March 23, came to an end. The squad capitalized on yesterday's momentum and maintained their top spot with 116 points and 72 frags. Although the team couldn't secure a chicken dinner today, consistent performances in multiple games helped them maintain their top spot.

SEM9 from Malaysia, who occupied the sixth spot yesterday, displayed exceptional skill to climb to second place in the standings. The team collected 46 points from the six games they played today, taking their overall tally to 89 points and 45 kills.


Thai champions HAIL Esports also had a great outing today. They ended the day in third place with 89 points and 52 kills. Vampire Esports and Bigetron (BTR), popular PUBG Mobile teams from Thailand and Indonesia, ended the day in 12th and 16th place, respectively.

PUBG Mobile Super League Spring 2023 Day 2 standings

PMSL rankings after Day 2. (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Game 1 of the day was won by Geek Slate who cleverly took the zone advantage and secured a 10 frag victory. Team RRQ from Indonesia placed second in this game, while PlayBook Esports from Philippines secured the third spot with five kills.


The second game saw the resurgence of Indonesian squad BTR RV after they struggled in the first. With Liquid as the match MVP, the squad eliminated 11 players and won the match comfortably. Team RRQ had another fantastic game as they finished second with eight kills again. The third spot in this Erangel match went to HAIL Esports, who managed to secure four kills.

The third and fourth games played on Erangel were won by Team Secret and HAIL Esports, respectively. The former secured nine frags, and the latter secured seven. These two games were especially fruitful for HAIL Esports as they climbed up multiple spots on the leaderboard.

VOIN ALVA picked up 24 kills in 12 games. (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The penultimate game of the day was won by popular PUBG Mobile team Faze Clan. The squad showed their natural aggression and secured 12 kills. This chicken dinner helped them enter the top five on the overall leaderboard. VOIN Esports came second in this game with eight kills, while Bigetron RV claimed third spot with three eliminations.


SEM 9 closed the PUBG Mobile Super League Day 2 with a fabulous chicken dinner in the final game of the day to climb to the second spot in the overall scoreboard. The squad had a total of 11 eliminations to their name.

Finishing in the second spot for the second consecutive game was VOIN Esports, while popular Vietnamese squad D'Xavier ranked third with three kills.

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