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"There is no way we can predict this for you": S8UL Sid responds to a fan's query about whether New State Mobile will be banned as well

During one of the recent live streams hosted by Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, a curious fan approached the manager of S8UL’s esports division with a query regarding the future of New State Mobile. The question hinged on whether the battle royale offering would suffer the same fate as BGMI as both were developed by Krafton.

Sid thoroughly answered this posed query and informed the viewers that nobody could have predicted such an unfortunate event. His words were:

"I cannot say, bro. I don't know the government or how they operate. There is no way I can predict these things, and nobody can. Nobody predicted the first ban (PUBG Mobile), or the second ban (BGMI), and nobody can predict if New State Mobile is going to be banned. There is no way we can predict this for you."

He further asked fans to hope for the best and try to grind and make money:

"So I think just hope for the best until the game is there, which is I am saying that since New State Mobile is available, try to grind and make money."

Siddhant further asked players not to stop for a particular game and enjoy whatever was available. He was quoted as saying:

"Why did you stop for BGMI? When the game comes back, you play that when New State Mobile is available to play that, we have Pokémon, play it. Yesterday, we played 10-12 Pokémon games on a trot."

Sid replies to a fan’s query if S8UL was looking to make any changes in their New State Mobile lineup

During another live stream, a viewer also asked S8UL’s esports manager if the organization was looking for a change in their New State Mobile lineup post their eighth-place finish at the recently concluded LAN event.


Sid advised fans not to bother him with such questions and assured them his confidence in the current lineup. He also stated that neither he, Goldy, nor Thug were seeking a replacement roster.

He said that the players are good and hardworking and will consider adding to the team depending on what is needed. He further delved into the discussion with the chat and emphasized that the players are not removed overnight here, and the fans should know that.

Siddhant "Sid" Joshi acknowledged the players’ efforts, despite unfavorable circumstances, and said they showed good heart but could not make it. They faltered in the finals and have no shame in admitting it.

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