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  • “They be faking religion” - BruceDropEmOff calls out Sneako and IShowSpeed for pretending to be Muslims
BruceDropEmOff calls out Sneako and IShowSpeed. (Image via Sportskeeda)

“They be faking religion” - BruceDropEmOff calls out Sneako and IShowSpeed for pretending to be Muslims

Streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" called out streamers Nico "Sneako" and Darren "IShowSpeed" for feigning devotion to the Islamic faith. Recently, Sneako criticized the "leniency" of the Christian community, while IShowSpeed stated that he was observing Ramadan. It is still unclear whether he strictly adhered to it.

Bruce strongly believes that both Sneako and IShowSpeed are faking their religious devotion. He said that pretending to follow a different religion is not "cool" and added:

“They be faking religion”
BruceDropEmOff accused IShowSpeed, Sneako, and others of faking their religion. #DramaAlert


"I don't think that sh*t (is) cool" - BruceDropEmOff alleges Sneako and IShowSpeed are pretending to be religious

BruceDropEmOff, who recently inked a non-exclusive contract with Kick, strongly criticized fellow streamers Sneako and IShowSpeed for using religion as content.


For context, Sneako has chosen to emulate the controversial online personality Andrew Tate, who publicly declared his commitment to Islam. Recently, the former engaged in an online dispute with fellow streamer JiDion regarding their respective religious beliefs.

IShowSpeed, on the other hand, has been influenced by individuals in his inner circle. For instance, he sought guidance from YouTuber Chunkz on how to navigate his own path within Islam.

BruceDropEmOff, however, believes:

"Yo bro, I'm not gonna lie, bro, why do ni**as be fake Muslim chat? Can we talk about it, bro? Yo that Sneako ni**a, all them ni**a, yo Speed, like, they be faking religion to get popularity."

He added:

"I don't think that sh*t (is) cool, bro. Rappers and sh*t. Like, they be faking that sh*t."

Finally, he said they should stop doing that:

"Give me that f**king kufi off your f**king head ni**a. Give me that sh*t. Stop doing that. What are you doing? Ni**a you were just at a Church last year with your mama and dad. What the f**k are you doing?"

Here's what the fans said

The clip was shared by the popular Twitter account @DramaAlert. Many fans seemed to have a similar opinion on this matter. Here are some of the notable reactions to the tweet:

@DramaAlert Speed faking it but I don’t know about Sneako.
@franciscoagoat @DramaAlert Sneako literally copies andrew tate head to toe, of course sneako is faking it.
@DramaAlert He def not wrong using religion for clout has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen
@DramaAlert he’s not wrong, idk who he is but he’s spittin
@DramaAlert Speeds definitely started as a meme, but sometimes I truly believe he wants to be Muslim
@DramaAlert pastors been doing this for years
@DramaAlert Bro signed to Kick and immediately starts beef with everyone lmao
@DramaAlert Facts I’m always hearing this is “haram” but they don’t know none else about the religion besides that word
@DramaAlert Glad somebody said it, all of them turned Muslim the second Andrew tate did it and saw how much support he got from the Muslim community
@DramaAlert I thought i was the only one that noticed that these influencers and rappers turned Muslim out of nowhere

IShowSpeed, who acknowledged observing the fasting period during Ramadan in March and April, faced significant criticism when he was spotted dining in a restaurant during that time (March 29). Despite the scrutiny, the YouTube streamer maintained that he was genuinely adhering to the fasting practices of Ramadan and urged his critics to focus on their own observance (April 03).

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