Kai Cenat received his fourth ban on Twitch, possibly for drug usage on stream (Image via Twitter)

Why was Kai Cenat banned on Twitch again?

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was banned on Twitch today. This marks the fourth time last year's Streamer of the Year has been suspended from the platform.

Kai is yet to share the reason for the ban and the duration. However, he commented on the unfortunate timing of the suspension, as he was planning a subathon for one of his upcoming streams.


Although he has yet to provide further information, it is most likely that the ban stems from Kai's usage of marijuana on a recent stream. Although marijuana use isn't technically banned on Twitch, there are circumstances in which it can violate Twitch's terms and conditions.

Banned Before Subathon I Haven’t Even Been LiveGG

Why Kai Cenat received his fourth ban

Kai Cenat received his fourth ban on Twitch on Thursday, January 26. The ban came shortly before the subathon he had planned.

It is believed that the suspension stems from an incident where Kai ate edibles laced with marijuana during his stream. Marijuana use is not banned on Twitch, although it is discouraged by the platform and can result in a ban under certain circumstances.


Situations in which marijuana use can result in Twitch bans include harmful use of the drug if the use of the drug conflicts with local laws or is the primary focus of the stream.

Kai Cenat has been banned on Twitch

People speculating it has something to do with him having too much weed on stream, unsure as of now

Kai Cenat resides in Atlanta, Georgia, one of many states in the United States where the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal. While this may explain the ban in and of itself, there's also the added factor that Kai passed out during a stream of his marijuana usage, which could potentially be considered harmful.

Not sure if it's him passing out from too much weed or if it's due to the legality of where he resides while streaming

While it would be difficult to prove that falling asleep after eating edibles was technically harmful to Kai's health, there is no question that marijuana is illegal in the state of Georgia. Passing out on stream may have contributed to the decision to ban him, but it may not be enough if he lives in a state where the psychoactive drug is recreationally legal.

As of now, it is unknown how long his ban will last. This is the fourth time he has been banned on the platform since becoming a partnered streamer, which could land him in deeper trouble. His last ban was in March 2022 and lasted a full month.

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