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  • "You lanky twigs!" - Tyler1 reaches Diamond during League of Legends Europe Challenge, shares thoughts on stream snipers
Tyler1 reached Diamond 4 on the EUW server on March 19, 2023 (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)

"You lanky twigs!" - Tyler1 reaches Diamond during League of Legends Europe Challenge, shares thoughts on stream snipers

On March 19, 2023, Twitch star Tyler "Tyler1" achieved a major milestone during his ongoing League of Legends Europe Challenge, as he reached the Diamond 4 rank. It only took him four days to climb to the top of the ranked ladder.

Following the game's conclusion, the content creator addressed the community in his signature style, providing his thoughts on the experience of playing on the European West servers.


He commented on people targeting him in-game and said:

"It doesn't matter how much you little p**sies snipe. You scrawny, pale, lanky twigs! It doesn't matter because I have more passion, more grind, and more swagger than you sh***ers! You'll get bored of it. You'll get sick of it and you'll quit! Like you did in the day."

Tyler1 reaches Diamond 4 in just four days during his League of Legends Europe Challenge


On March 19, Tyler "Tyler1" hosted a 17-hour-long broadcast. His main objective was to climb out of Platinum 1 to reach the highly-coveted Diamond 4 rank. After 28 games, the Missouri native finally reached his first goal and celebrated the occasion by saying:

"Low ELO! You are NA (North America) Gold! Trash! Holy f**k, bro! Finally!"

The 28-year-old personality stated that he was only two wins away from Diamond 4. However, it took him 18 hours to reach the milestone. He expressed his displeasure and stated:

"Dude, we were f**king two wins away, like, 18 hours ago, bro! And f**k you, EU! S*ck my f**king d*ck! Easy f**king Diamond, you s***ters! You guys f**king queue up and snipe me for the first 15 hours of the day. Guess what, baby? You f**king went to bed, didn't you? And you left me three hours, uncontested."

Timestamp: 17:39:15

Tyler1 added that people were intentionally feeding in his promotional games:

"Thanks for Diamond, dip s**ts! Dopa down! Filthy f**ks. Now we got sniped by the same people, for the last, like, for the first 10 hours of the stream. Actually! They kept inting us in our promos. Guess what? I played for 18 hours straight. 18 hours! You couldn't do it. Could ya? You got to go to sleep. Couldn't you, little guy?

Fans react to Tyler1 reaching Diamond 4 in Europe


Tyler1's message after reaching Diamond 4 in Europe received over 3.9k upvotes and 355 fan reactions, making it the most popular post on r/LivestreamFail. Here's what the community had to say:

Fans on Reddit reacting to Tyler1 reaching Diamond 4 in the EUW server (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

Tyler embarked on his League of Legends Europe Challenge on March 16, 2023. He has been playing on the EUW server under the account name "FREEDOMFIGHTER28." At the time of writing, he had played 82 games, with a 63% win rate.

The Twitch streamer primarily played in the botlane (Support and ADC), as well as in the toplane. His most-played champions include Nautilus, Draven, Tristana, Heimerdinger, Gankplank, and Olaf.

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