PUBG Mobile Month 19 RP release date and leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Month 19 RP release date, leaks, and more

PUBG Mobile has recently released its much-awaited 2.3 version to global users. This update lets players get their hands on new features like theme modes.

Getting a Royale Pass is one of the best and cheapest ways to get several amazing rewards like colorful outfits, gun skins, and many other in-game items. The ongoing Royale Pass is nearing its end, and developers will soon release a new edition with new rewards.

This article discusses the release date and other leaks for the PUBG Mobile Month 19 Royale Pass.

New PUBG Mobile RP Rank rewards and other leaks

PUBG Mobile features two Royale Passes: Elite and Elite Plus. The Elite Royale Pass is priced at 360 UC and offers primary rewards like unlocking RP missions, prizes up to rank 50, and respect perks 15 times per week. The Elite Plus Royale Pass is priced at 960 UC and instantly increases 12 ranks worth 1200 UC, besides providing bonus items, one choice emote, and an exclusive respect perk by 30 times per week.

The ongoing Elite Royale Pass will end on January 17, 2023. so month 19 will commence around January 19. Players can get new cool outfits, weapon skins, and much more.


These are the different leaks from the month 19 Royale Pass:

RP Rank 1 rewards

In RP rank 1, players purchasing the Elite Royale Pass will receive the SLR gun skin and the Female Frozen Set.


RP Rank 5 rewards

At rank 5, players will receive the Female Frozen headgear as an Elite reward and an M19 RP mission card as a free RP reward.

RP Rank 15 rewards

Rank 15 players will receive a free emote and an M19 Royale Pass avatar.


RP Rank 20 rewards

The rank 20 reward in month 19 Royale Pass includes a red bike skin and a free parachute skin.

RP Rank 25 rewards

Upon reaching RP rank 25, players can get six RP badges for month 19.

RP Rank 30 rewards

The RP reward in PUBG Mobile month 19 Royale Pass for rank 30 players is a mythic emote.

RP Rank 35 rewards

At this rank, players will receive a free VSS skin as a free RP reward and six RP badges as an Elite RP reward.

RP Rank 40 rewards

The rank 40 reward is one of the most exciting: the AKM skin.

Rank 45 and 50 rewards are yet to be leaked and will be added as soon as they surface online.

Here is a guide to purchasing an Elite Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile on your device.
  2. Head to the Royale Pass section by clicking the RP icon in the upper right corner.
  3. In the RP section, choose the preferred Royale Pass between Elite (360 UC) and Elite Plus (960 UC).
  4. Add the required amount of UC by purchasing UC from the in-game sore or another legal method made available by Krafton.
  5. Buy your preferred RP and complete the RP mission to receive all the rewards in the Royale Pass.

Note: Since PUBG Mobile is banned in India, users from this region must stay away from playing the game. The release mentioned in the article is speculation and may vary.


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