5 Best Epic Cards in Clash Royale (Image via Clash of Clans)

Top 5 Epic Cards in Clash Royale

As players know, Clash Royale is a skill based game which involves 1v1 battles using character cards. These cards have different rarities and skills. A proper knowledge of these cards is important to win crowns and Clash Royale battles.

Epic cards are one such rarity, which players start obtaining from the start of the game. Battle decks usually contain these Epic cards along with other cards. This article will cover the top five Epic cards in Clash Royale that must be part of a player's battle deck and attack strategy.


5 Best Epic Cards in Clash Royale

5) Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon card (Image via Clash of Clans)
  • Cost: 4 Elixir
  • Damage: 212
  • Hitpoints: 1526

Players can get the Baby Dragon card at Arena 2. It's a short-range flying unit with high hitpoints that deals AOE (area of effect) damage. It is similar to Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans, and is a green colored Dragon with small wings.

The Double Dragon Combo is achieved by pairing the Baby Dragon (which takes care of tiny swarms) with the Inferno Dragon (which takes care of high health units). However, some high range troop cards, such as the Minion Horde, Wizard, and Electro Wizard make this combo vulnerable.

4) Goblin Barrel

The Goblin Barrel card (Image via Clash of Clans)
  • Cost: 3 Elixir
  • Damage: 144
  • Hitpoints: 268

The Goblin Barrel is a popular Epic card that can be unlocked from the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3). It's a spell that launches a barrel from the player's King's Tower to the drop location. The goblin barrel shatters upon impact, releasing three goblins and causing significant damage to nearby buildings and troops.

The Goblin Barrel can be thrown anywhere on the Clash Royale battlefield, allowing players to attack or finish off buildings they can't get to. The Goblins do a lot of damage per second, but they lack health. If they are tanked by a high hitpoint troop who absorbs damage from the Archer Towers, the Goblins can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.

3) Executioner

The Executioner card (Image via Clash of Clans)
  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Damage: 448
  • Hitpoints: 1696

Executioner cards can be obtained at Arena 14. He is a troop with high hitpoints and damage. The Executioner swings his boomerang in a straight line that flies back after it has reached maximum range, inflicting damage on both blows and piercing all opponents in its route.

Because of his range and ability to strike flying troops, the Executioner is an excellent support troop for cards with high hitpoints, such as Golems. As they deal high damage on every swing, Executioners are useful against cards like Skeleton Army and Minion Horde.

2) Golem

The Golem card (Image via Clash of Clans)
  • Cost: 8 Elixir
  • Damage: 413
  • Hitpoints: 6784

The Golem card is one of the strongest Epic cards in Clash Royale that can be unlocked at Arena 10. The Golem explodes when defeated, causing area damage and generating two small Golemites.


The deployment of the Golem behind the Arche's Tower is an effective approach with the Golem. Players will have time to manufacture Elixir and place more cards behind the Golem because of its long deploy time and movement speed, making the push incredibly effective and tough to repel.

1) Prince

The Prince card (Image via Clash of Clans)
  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Damage: 519
  • Hitpoints: 2660

This is another powerful Epic-level card that deals double damage when charged.

The Prince card is best employed as a counterattacking unit with Dark Prince and Golems. His improved speed and damage while charging allows him to quickly stop ground pushes and threaten the opponent's Crown Towers.

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