Stream Evan Gao loses 6000 followers after committing an error (Image via Twitch/Evan_Gao)

"Are you kidding me?": Twitch streamer mistakenly removes all of his followers while purging bots

Vibha Hegde

Twitch streamer Evan Gao's simple quest to purge all of the bots following his account turned into a disaster after he accidentally got rid of more accounts from his follower list than he intended.

The content creator was using a 3rd-party tool and mistakenly forgot to update the filters needed to ensure he was only removing bot accounts from his Twitch channel. Gao was told by his friend mid-stream what happened, who spammed his chat in order to capture his attention.


Evan Gao loses 6000 Twitch followers from accidental purge

During his latest stream, UC Berkeley student Evan Gao attempted to remove all the bot followers that had plagued his account.

Committing the purge using a 3rd party tool, he checked back on his follower count some time later and found that he only had around 200 followers left.


Gao was overtaken by confusion, unsure as to what happened. He later spotted several messages from his friend in the chat, asking him to call them immediately. His friend then explained what happened:

"You didn't update the filters for the bot, so you removed every follower. You didn't hit 'Apply Filters,' [indistinct] and it had 6000 people selected."

The streamer immediately yelled in surprise, unable to comprehend what he had done:

"What? Oh! Dude... dude. Are you kidding me?"

Gao asked for a response on whether he would be able to undo the grave error he had committed and later Googled the question in a desperate bid.

Unfortunately for him, the first search result that popped up explicitly stated that he would not be able to undo it and was specifically mentioned by the tool as a warning.

Gao's friend had mentioned that they went back to the streamer's VOD to check what he had done, as his follower count was acting up after the purge. In the VOD, one can see that the site warned him that he did not have any filters on.

Upon seeing the warning, he attempts to go through with the action anyway, seemingly not registering the content of the text.

Screenshot from Evan Gao's Twitch VOD (Image via Twitch/Evan_Gao)

Earlier in the stream, Evan Gao mentioned that he was attempting to purge followers from a certain period of time. The error occurred when he put in the time filter but forgot to save the settings, resulting in all of his followers being removed.

Currently, the streamer holds a little under 650 followers in total, meaning around 400 people have followed him since the error-filled purge.

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