Dani Alves made his prison football debut

Dani Alves makes debut for prison football team after arrest for alleged sexual assault: Reports

According to La Vanguardia, Dani Alves recently made his debut in prison football. The right-back is in jail on suspicion of alleged sexual assault. He is understood to be alongside Ronaldinho's bodyguard, Coutinho, in prison. The former Barcelona player recently signed shirts for inmates after making his debut in prison football.

Dana Dinorah, Dani Alves' former wife, was left shocked after the alleged incident. She said on Spanish TV (via Mirror):

“I’m still in shock. It seems like it’s a nightmare and it’s not happening. Dani would never ever ever do this."

Dani Alves has been sent to prison without any option of bail.

She further added:

"I say this because I’ve known him for 22 years and was married to him for 10. This has been a shock for me and for my children. I have two teenage children who are suffering.”

Dana also said:

“Dani asked his lawyer to call me so I could sort out his most urgent things. I found out he was in prison because of that phone call he asked his lawyer to make to me. I’ve not had access to Dani and haven’t been able to speak to him on the phone. His lawyer says he’s sad but he’s okay. She’s the only one who has been able to see him. I'm here for whatever I can do to help him."

Alves' current wife, Joana, meanwhile, asked for privacy. She wrote:

“I ask media who are outside my house to please respect my privacy at this moment. My mother died a week ago and I have barely begun to take on board that she is no longer with me for me to be tormented with the situation of my husband. I have lost the only two pillars in my life.”

Barcelona manager Xavi changed the tone on the Dani Alves case

Barcelona manager Xavi expressed his shock when initially quizzed on the Dani Alves matter. He said (via Football Espana):

“I am surprised, impacted, and a bit in a state of shock knowing Dani Alves. And then it is a matter of justice and it will dictate [what happens]. I feel very bad for him. I’m surprised.”

Xavi, however, came under criticism for his comments and apologized. He later said about the Brazilian:

“What I said about Alves was misinterpreted, perhaps I was not strong enough. I ignored the victim, all these acts must be condemned, whether Dani or anyone else does it. I apologise, it was unfortunate."
the way people keep on supporting Dani Alves, even after the allegation is just awful.
Time to bring back the legendary Jose Mourinho quote.
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