There are plenty pay-to-lose skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

6 Fortnite skins that are terrible (pay-to-lose skins)

Fortnite skins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The game already has hundreds of skins to offer, including Battle Pass and Item Shop skins. Unfortunately, some of these skins are just terrible.

Players usually run after pay-to-win skins in the Battle Royale game. These skins have become a must-have over the last few years. However, few people realize that some skins can be pay-to-lose as well. In fact, it is only after buying these skins that players understand how terrible they are.



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Fortnite skins that are actually pay-to-lose

Cosmetic items hardly make a difference while playing. However, they can provide some advantages or disadvantages based on their color schemes or hitboxes. Here are some skins in Fortnite that are pay-to-lose:


1) Loki

Thor's brother and popular Marvel anti-hero Loki arrived in the Battle Royale game as part of the Crew Pack skin. His arrival excited several Marvel fans who could now use his skin in-game.

Loki Fortnite Crew skin (Image via Epic Games)

Unfortunately, this excitement was short-lived since the skin always put the players at a disadvantage. Loki's headgear, resplendant with massive horns, made him visible from miles away. Clearly, no player wants to use this pay-to-lose skin.


2) Nightlife

When it comes to vibrance and color schemes, Nightlife is a 10/10 skin. It seems like the life of every party and looks to be quite fun to use. However, in actuality, the skin looks like a walking disco ball. It is way too bright and is certainly not helpful when players are trying to be stealthy.


3) Big Chuggus

Bulky skins always have a larger hitbox, making it easier for enemies. There is no doubt that the Big Chuggus skin in Fortnite is the bulkiest of them all.

Big Chuggus skin in the Item Shop (Image via FortniteBR/Reddit)

Players tend to stay away from the outfit because of its evident disadvantage. The clunky armor is massive compared to other outfits, which is why players find it pay-to-lose.

4) Dante

During Halloween 2018, players saw the Dante skin come to the Item Shop. The Dia de los Muertos special skin is yet another example of a beautiful looking colorful skin that is nothing less than a pay-to-lose outfit.

Dante and Rosa reactive skins (Image via ProGamerGuides)

The skin is reactive and has glow-in-the-dark features, making it useless during the night. A glowing skin is the last thing players would want to use when they are running away from 99 enemies.


5) Gunnar

Gunnar is the latest pay-to-lose skin to arrive in the Battle Royale game. This skin, from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass, is yet another bulky skin that players avoid due to its large hitbox. The outfit styles are of no help either, and there is no way players can be sneaky while using this skin.


6) Ninja

One of the most popular icon series skins belongs to popular Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Unfortunately, this is the ultimate pay-to-lose skin in Fortnite for several reasons.

Pay-to-lose Ninja skin in Fortnite (Image via

Not only does it have a reactive bandana that lights up after players get kills, but it's also extremely catchy. Given that Ninja is so popular, fans do not miss even a single opportunity to spot him.

Players usually stray away from using these pay-to-lose skins in the game. While they might be the perfect collector's items, they aren't the best choice for combat. Therefore, these skins hardly come out of players' lockers as they do not want to lose games. Instead, players prefer skinny skins with solid colors that will actually help them win.

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