Top 8 pickaxes that are sweat favorites (Image via FortniteNews/Twitter)

8 Fortnite pickaxes that are a sweat favorite

Pickaxes in Fortnite are some of the most sought-after items after the skins. Epic Games has released hundreds of harvesting tools for gamers since it was released way back in 2017.

Pickaxes are used as primary weapons that can be used to eliminate enemies and destroy structures to get materials. Therefore, gamers make it a point to drop onto the island with this item. Although there are many pickaxes, some of them have become a weapon of choice for a particular group of players.


Fortnite pickaxes are frequently used by sweats

1) Leviathan Axe


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Kratos made a spectacular appearance in the game back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The stint was incomplete without its renowned weapon. The Leviathan Axe was available for 1000 V-Bucks and quickly became a popular choice for sweats. It is also one of the rarest pickaxes and was last seen in March 2021.


2) Driver

Released in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 8, the Driver pickaxe is one of the simplest yet most loved items. It is designed as a golf club and is pretty easy to handle. Loopers only had to pay 500 V-Bucks for this amazing harvesting tool. It has remained a sweat favorite ever since its release and the streak continues even to this day.


3) Reaper

Reaper, the oldest pickaxe in the game, was released on October 26, 2017. This specific item has been a part of the game's journey and, undoubtedly, loved by the community.


The striking feature of the Reaper is that there is nothing extravagant in the item. It is an OG item and has found its use ever since 2017. No wonder sweats love going on a damaging spree with this pickaxe in the game.

4) Candy Axe


Candy Axe gives the whole festive vibe in the game. This item is designed as a candy cane and is topped with exquisite decorations. It is priced at 1500 V-Bucks and is one of the favorite pickaxes used by sweats. The harvesting tool was reactive and glowed brighter with each elimination, making it quite fascinating.

5) Crowbar/Gold Crow


Crowbar is a rare harvesting tool in Fortnite that was up for grabs in Chapter 1 Season 5. Gamers had to complete the High Stakes challenges to add this item to their inventory.

The Gold Crow version is a remixed version of the original crowbar. However, it is priced at 2000 V-Bucks and can be bought from the Item Shop.

6) Star Wand


Introduced in Chapter 1 Season 8, Star Wand has come a long way and established itself as one of the sweatiest pickaxes in the game. This item is priced at 800 V-Bucks. The smiling star at the end of a pink handle has a dedicated fan base and almost now and then, gamers can spot professionals rampaging the island with it.

7) Harley Hitter


Harley Quinn has an unmatched craze in the game. Every skin variant has been a hit. The pickaxe that Harley often carries is also quite popular in the community. As it is commonly known, the Harley Hitter resembles a baseball bat with several graphical elements added to it.

Priced at 800 V-Bucks, it was first released in Chapter 2 Season 1. This item is loved by sweats and can be frequently spotted, eliminating enemies with it and walking away with a Victory Royale.

8) Axe of Champions


This pickaxe is draped in complete gold and features the FNCS logo on top. Gamers can only own this pickaxe in Fortnite by winning an FNCS event. Therefore, it is owned by a handful of gamers across the globe.

It is also to be noted that winning FNCS does not guarantee permanent ownership of this item. If a new team claims the FNCS event, it will be removed from the inventory of the previous owner. Since it is extremely rare, only sweats own it in the game and can be frequently spotted on the island.

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