Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS winners announced, players shocked

The winners of FNCS are announced, leaving pros in shock (Image via Sportskeeda)
The winners of FNCS are announced, leaving pros in shock (Image via Sportskeeda)

The first-ever Fortnite Chapter 3 FNCS was held from February 17 onwards in 2021. This FNCS presented a prize pool of a whopping share of $3,008,500, unequally distributed among each server region. The Fortnite Champion Series is the main event for pro players who grind and sweat in competitive arenas and tournaments.

The finals were recently held and were called off with the end of Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS. As always, it was thrilling and exciting to watch various pros from across the world with different skill levels compete. This season, the FNCS shocked various mainstream pro-Fortnite players with their jaw-dropping experience.

Results of the latest Fortnite FNCS

The best of the best! Congratulations to the #FNCS C3S1 Champions from each region!

The majority of players were fixated on being the best of the best. This gave rise and the opportunity for underrated pros to take over the competitive community arena.

Each server in the game has recently announced its winners. These included the famous World Cup champion Bugha himself winning the duos FNCS the third time in a row.

Bugha just won his 3rd FNCS Grand Finals in a row. His 10th tournament win overallWorld Cup Champion and hasn't stopped since 🏆

The most surprising element was the list of several under-rated players in the community that weren't seen in the mainstream by pro players in competitive. The leading teams of SEN Bugha and TSM Snacky took over the NA-East and West regions, respectively.


There have been several exciting gameplays that the community has seen which brought them an element of surprise, from ramming a quadcrasher in an enemy's builds and eliminating them to running over a car on them.

Winning the C3S1 FNCS Finals is no easy task, but these players proved their skill on the island and claimed the title of FNCS Champion.In this video, we walk you through what it takes on the Journey to the Axe.

The recent FNCS was a shock to the community because there were end-gamers who weren't seen before. Over 40+ players always fought in the moving zone, making the aura more intense and pressurizing.

Solid multitasking from @Venofn finding a parking space and an elimination on the rotation.

The meta in Chapter 3 has been a critical component in contributing to such intelligent plays and several trick shots that players attempted over several amateurs, showing their stature as sweats.

Reaction of Fortnite pros with the FNCS outcome


The results were shocking to both the participating players in-game and the community spectating it. Ronaldo played as a spectating player and commented on the gameplay of Clix and Bugha.

The entire server hosting was filled with tough loopers who gave their best to their corresponding teammates to grab the prize. The list of names that came out as the winners was even more surprising to the community, as the majority of them weren't heard about.


Even with tough competition, mainstream players maintained their stature and proved why they are known as the best in-game. Bugha took over the NA-East region and secured first place in the FNCS with his duo, Merror.

Other Fortnite pros such as Clix and Khanada also showcased impeccable performances, proving that there is always room for improvement in every aspect.

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