Clix dominates in a $1 million Fortnite tournament, shows his competitive prowess like no other

Clix dominates the Competitive Scene in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clix dominates the Competitive Scene in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the biggest platforms for Fortnite pros to show off their skills and prove themselves is the Competitive Arena. Cody Conrod, aka Clix, has proved to be one of the best out there in the community.

He has won various tournaments and Cash Cups and has made a name for himself in the community. He is currently in collaboration with various streaming platforms and professional gaming organizations to present his competitive talent.

Clix has also teamed up with several pro players and fought alongside them in tournaments. With the recent announcement of Twitch rivals Super Bowl III, Clix has performed to his maximum potential and left the community in shock.

Fortnite pro Clix's impeccable performance and winning $20K


The online streamer bowl, which took place at the end of January 2022, launched a competitive platform in creative maps for pro players to compete and qualify for a $1 million cup. The maps included Bullseye Bonanza and Zone Wars.

There were many pros who participated in the event, such as Tfue, Nickmercs, etc. But the 17-year-old pro had stolen the spotlight and placed first in the overall event, grabbing a hefty cheque of $20K. Many pro Fortnite players who witnessed the event were shocked by Clix's performance.

@Tahifn @Clix Crazy how u would’ve won the 20k

This also gave Clix a chance to compete for the Grand Finale for a total of $1 million. It is considered to be a charity event where some funds will be going to charitable organizations of the winner's choice.

Pros react to Clix's performance


There were many pro players who joined the qualifying event and fought against Clix. Some of them were Tfue, Nickmercs, Ronaldo, etc. It has been confirmed by various media reports that the Fortnite Streamer Bowl will soon be starting on February 9.

Epic Games will also be announcing NFL stars and Twitch streamers from the community to participate in the event. Clix qualified for this and shocked many pros along the way.

Both the matches that were held on the creative maps looked very one-sided with Clix on the field. Some of the pros like Ronaldo started screaming in his mic in shock while others were in disbelief.


Clix has once again proven his worth and the competitive arena that shocked the entire community with his unbelievable performance. The community now awaits the upcoming finale event and is hoping to see another great feat from the young pro player who might be seen setting a world record there.

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