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Fortnite and the art of story-telling: The good, the bad, and the collaborations

Fortnite is more of a story than a game. While it stands out in its own right, the game's characters and plot lines are central to its appeal. Without them, the game would merely be a glorified battle royale with building mechanics.

Throughout its four-year-long history, the storyline has evolved and changed. It has grown beyond a linear path and has branched out systematically. However, what makes it so special is how it connects the past, present and future within the confines of the game's lore.

Where it all started, and lead up to this moment.. Fortnite's storyline is a masterpiece!
6:31 AM · Nov 29, 2021

For instance, the events that are taking place in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, are connected to the past. When Kevin the Cube first appeared in Chapter 1 Season 5, players thought it was only related to that chapter.

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After it had been defeated, Kevin was forgotten about and laid to rest. However, when the Cube Queen arrived, it was discovered that the Kevin storyline started over two years ago. The profound lore is the charm.


This being the case, it can be said that the storyline is not random or spontaneous. It has been planned for years and the future of the game has already been written. However, there are a few inconveniences that occur now and then.


Some Fortnite collaborations make no sense

The empty spaces within the storyline are limited. To a certain extent, filling them with content is good. Once this point has been reached, adding anything extra doesn't make sense.

Over the years, there have been multiple instances of this occurrence. However, the tipping point was Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Epic Games tried to weave into the storyline, characters that had no connection to it.

What was the most impactful collaboration to Fortnite?
11:46 AM · Nov 13, 2021

This resulted in major blowback from fans and content creators. Nevertheless, since then, things have been improved upon. Collaborations these days are kept away from the storyline unless they are wanted by popular demand.

Hopefully, moving forward into Fortnite Chapter 3, this same approach will be maintained. Most collaborations kept away from the storyline and merely featured as cosmetics in the item shop.

What to expect from Chapter 3

Boba Fett x Fortnite
December 24th, 2021.
11:32 AM · Nov 12, 2021

As of the moment, one Star Wars collaboration has been confirmed. Additionally, leakers are suggesting that the Spider-Man skin will also feature in the Battle Pass. While there are dozens of speculated and rumored collaborations, only these two have been confirmed.

More information should become available as the end-of-season event draws near. Hopefully, by the time Fortnite Chapter 3 downtime begins, players will have a clearer picture of possible collaborations.

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