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5 most infuriating missions from the GTA series

GTA games are chock-full of insanely challenging and incredibly addictive missions. Diversity is what makes the franchise so great.

Challenging missions aren't necessarily bad though. Some of the most daunting missions in the series were instant fan-favourites and players don't mind doing the deep-grind as long as the mission isn't practically impossible, as the likes of Demolition Man from GTA Vice City often are.


This article takes a look at 5 such missions featured in the GTA series.

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5 incredibly difficult missions from the GTA series

#5 Wrong Side of the Tracks- GTA San Andreas


In theory, Wrong Side of the Track sounds rather iconic. CJ and Big Smoke, the most notorious kingpins of San Andreas, rode bikes alongside a moving train and attempted to shoot down rival gang members. It doesn't take the player long to realize that the actual mission is anything but fun.

It doesn't help that Big Smoke is a total dud in this mission, unable to hit a target if it's 10 inches away from his nose, and the rival gang members seem to be made of steel, exceptionally skilled and impossibly invincible.

Moreover, CJ simply stops chasing the train past the bridge. All of this makes for some of the most frustrating moments in the history of GTA games.


#4 The Driver- GTA Vice City

The GTA series, like any other franchise, features its fair share of illogical missions, but The Driver, on top of being ridiculously groundless, is excruciatingly difficult.

It makes little sense for Tommy to be so desperate to hire a man he can easily best in a race. Moreover, Tommy is supposed to chase Hilary, who is sporting a Sabre, on a Sentinel which makes for an odd match. If players could skip one mission from the GTA series, it would probably be this one.

#3 By the Book- GTA V

The infamous mission where Trevor tortures an innocent man for information has received a lot of ire over the years, both from critics and fans. By The Book involves using barbaric tools on a man to make him "talk".

Not only is the mission very unsettling in the way Trevor tries to extract information from the "suspect" but the writing also doesn't compliment the storyline. If players could, they would certainly have pressed pass on this mission.


#2 Scouting the Port- GTA V

The most difficult missions in the GTA series involve learning to handle sluggish helicopters and wacky machines, and Scouting the Port doesn't try very hard to stray from the tradition. It involves Trevor passing himself off as a dock worker and grinding all the laborious duties that come with the job.

#1 Demolition Man – GTA Vice City

Demolition Man is arguably the most infuriating mission from the entire series. It involves planting four bombs at four different locations in a construction site within seven minutes, whilst trying to avoid the construction workers and security guards. Admittedly, the mobile version of this mission is relatively easy but on PC and consoles, it becomes the most difficult one in the history of GTA games.

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