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Trevor Philips from GTA 5 ( Source: gta5-mods.com )

5 reasons why Trevor has the most interesting storyline in GTA 5

GTA 5 has introduced the players to many interesting characters. All three of the main playable protagonists in the story mode have an interesting back story.

With each character being from diverse backgrounds and also spanning across races, GTA 5's storymode gives players a storyline they will not forget easily. The game focuses on the lives of Franklin, Michael and Trevor and narrates a story of how they came across each other and worked together.


Wherever there is a choice, there is a favorite, and Trevor Philips has mostly been favored by the community because of his antics. Out of the three, He is the last playable character that is introduced in the story mode and his presence changes the energy in the story line of GTA 5.


5 reasons why Trevor has the most interesting storyline in GTA 5


#1 His history

Trevor Philips ( Source : grandtheftwiki.com )

Trevor Philips shares some of his backstory in a conversation with Franklin in which he tells him that he was born in the Canadian border region of America. He tells Franklin that he "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother."

He had an abusive father who abandoned him and a mother who was emotionally abusive, condescending and treated him like he was a useless boy. Such a back story is really bizarre and extreme, even for GTA 5 standards


#2 His actions ( Rage and Killing )

Trevor Philips showing Violence (Image via giantbob.com)

GTA 5's Trevor is known to be a raging maniac, he does whatever he wants and whenever he wants to. His extremely impulsive personality makes him erratic and unpredictable. He doesn't think twice before killing someone who angers him, making him a really dangerous man that not even his friends mess with.

After he thought that Michael was dead, he started Trevor Philips Enterprises where he often resorted to violence and killing to get his job done.

#3 His sexuality

Trevor tries to fuck Johnny and kills him ( Source: Gta5-mods.com )

In GTA 5, Trevor has an overtly sexual personality and he exhibits that on almost every opportunity he gets. The character is known to talk about his provocative sex life during cut scenes and amidsts missions.

He's also attracted to older women and is often caught masturbating on the streets from time to time. Trevor has mentioned his history, where he speaks of sexually abusing men when he was in prison and still does the act around other men to assert dominance.

#4 Him being related to cannibals

Trevor fighting Cannibals (Image via RonManEX)

There is a side mission in the GTA 5 storyline where Trevor gets involved with a cannibal redneck cult. Trevor also implies that he's a cannabil from when players switch to him and he's found spitting in a fountain exclaiming "Never eat indian people."

#5 Him still caring about Michael's family and his friends.

Trevor, Michael and Franklin ( Source: grandtheftwiki.com )

Despite all the stated facts about Trevor, surprisingly he does have a good side to him. He was shown to be caring when it came to saving Michael's daughter Tracy from TV show fame or shame and, for the rest of his family, as if he was a responsible uncle.

He also respects women as shown with Patricia Madrazo after he kidnaps her from Martin Madrazo and falls in love with her. All these small signs show that Trevor does have a heart after all and can care about things and people that he believes are close to him.

All these factors contribute to his story being radical and unpredictable. He is one unique protagonist, and such a character has probably never been seen in a game.

His anecdotes make his storyline of GTA 5 the most interesting.


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