Madrazo Files' safe code and location in GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist 

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online's latest Heist requires players to steal a bunch of Miguel Madrazo's important documents.

Rockstar was pretty strong with the marketing of the then-upcoming Heist in GTA Online, Cayo Perico Heist, with regards to it being the most action-packed and ambitious one to date.

Now that a large chunk of players have got to play the Heist, it seems like Rockstar's messaging wasn't hyperbole at all.

GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist is indeed one of the most ambitious Heists in the game with regards to gameplay depth and how elaborate the Heist really is.

Players must undertake a number of setup missions and spend a lot of time "Gathering Intel" and scoping out the island in order to successfully carry out the operation.

The primary objective of the Heist has to do with stealing files important to Miguel Madrzo, aptly titled "Madrazo Files." GTA Online players might have a tough time getting a bead on the exact location of the safe lest they scope out the area.

Madrazo Files in GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist


During the setup, after traveling from LSIA to Cayo Perico and watching a few cutscenes with El Rubio, the player must then sneak out of the party. After which, they must do their best not to be spotted by the security and completing a few key objectives.

Here are the steps the player needs to follow in GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist in order to get the location of the Madrazo Files.

  1. At the party, the player will receive a message from Pavel, after which they must sneak out.
  2. To the left of the bar, there will be a path that will be protected by guards.
  3. Avoid the guards and their vision cones.
  4. Follow the path to El Rubio's private compound.
  5. The player must then head to the Communications Tower.
  6. There, the player must complete a puzzle to hack the cameras.
  7. The Basement and Office camera will help the player to locate the Madrazo Files.
  8. Follow Pavel's instructions on text to take pictures of the rest of the locations mentioned.

During the Heist, players will need to enter a code to unlock the safe in which the files are kept. In the middle of all the chaos, GTA Online players can often forget the important text messages they might receive during the Heist.

When the player approaches the safe with the Madrazo Files, they will receive a text from Pavel, which contains the code for the safe. Hence, there is no extra work required to get the code for the safe in the Cayo Perico Heist.

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