Michael B. Jordan's typical training day consists of conditioning exercises & cardio movements. (Image via Instagram @michaelbjordan )

Michael B. Jordan Reveals His Workout Secrets for “Creed III”

Actor Michael B. Jordan posted a photo of himself on Instagram last week to promote his upcoming appearance in the film Creed III.

The photo shows the actor looking super fit, and fans are excited to see his latest role. To get in shape for his role as boxer Adonis Creed, Jordan worked with trainer Corey Calliet. Calliet focused on improving Jordan's agility and hand-eye coordination—and it shows!


Calliet trained Jordan for the first Creed film in 2015, along with the sequel Creed II (2018), and has worked on action-packed films with stars like John Boyega and Khloe Kardashian.

Jordan gained muscle mass and brought an esthetic build to the movie industry when he got picked to play the son of Rocky Balboa’s best friend, Apollo Creed. Jordan underwent extensive boxing training to prepare for the film production and transformed his physique while working alongside Stallone in filming.


While working on the set alongside Stallone, Jordan admitted he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he got the chance to work on his boxing skills with Rocky Balboa himself.


Michael B. Jordan’s Workout for “Creed III”

Calliet is taking a new approach to workouts so that he can both train hard and direct effectively. In the past, he may have done grueling workouts focused on legs or chest, but now he's focusing on efficiency

Jordan's typical training day consists of conditioning exercises that help him build stamina and focus. Doing cardio in the morning can wake you up and help you feel more energetic for the rest of your day, which will allow you to sleep better at night.


Instead of following the same routine every day, Jordan's training regimen includes several different exercises to build strength and endurance. In the morning, he does a conditioning workout. He hits the ring for boxing practice in the afternoon or evening, followed by weight lifting or another cardio session.


Boxing is a great way to build muscle, improve your cardiovascular health and increase your balance and coordination.


Calliet stated that Jordan typically completes a cardio session or a lifting session before his day is done. According to Calliet, this approach helps him build muscle and improve endurance, which in turn enables him to give a more authentic athletic performance on the screen.

Wrapping Up

Michael B. Jordan’s workout schedule and diet plan has enabled him to achieve the body that he has today. He has become an inspiration to many that they can do anything they are determined to do.

Having the right motivation, passion and dedication to something will get you where you want to be. You may not become a famous actor or model but it will help you achieve your goals in life. Thus, it is so important to have a goal in life and keep yourself motivated by working hard in order to achieve them.

The hard work and determination of Michael B. Jordan is a testament to his character. Aside from that, his training for films like Creed has helped him gain popularity and garner more roles in future films.

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