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  • Tom Brady teases another NFL return in MrBeast's $1 billion yacht video
Tom Brady teases another NFL return in Mr Beast video

Tom Brady teases another NFL return in MrBeast's $1 billion yacht video

Tom Brady just cannot seem to get enough of the headlines, it would appear.

Despite making his views clear on a potential return to the league in 2023, stating that he's more than happy to avoid taking hits from the likes of Aaron Donald in retirement, the retired NFL icon had yet another Easter Egg tease on Friday.

"Maybe I should come out of retirement," Brady said, starring in a video with YouTube star MrBeast.

The catch here is that this was sort of a bet. MrBeast had a drone trailing the yacht. And when Brady saw the drone, his Spidey senses started tingling.

The retired QB said that if he hits the drone with the pigskin on the first try, maybe he'll consider unretiring, just this once *wink wink*. He did, of course, hit it on the first try despite his daughter Vivian's pessimism.


Of course, Brady had to make the declaration on a yacht, in the most fitting way possible in retirement.

"I think it's the nicest boat in the world," Brady added for good measure.

Tom Brady's potential NFL return in the spotlight: Why it's still complicated

According to the man himself, the seven-time Super Bowl champion is seemingly not considering coming back to the league, though that declaration was before the MrBeast video.


Any return to the NFL, though, would be further complicated by the fact that he's slated to own a nice little piece of the Las Vegas Raiders, should the move be formalized by the rest of the NFL owners.

Speaking of the rest of the NFL owners, 24 of them would have to approve of Brady returning to the league despite owning a minority stake in the franchise.

There is also a question of salary and contractual obligations. The numbers are murky here, though Brady would then qualify as an addition to the roster, one complete with the likes of Davante Adams and the like.

When it comes to his ownership, ESPN stated that his role is expected to be "passive" in nature, which means he won't have an absolute say in business or in football matters with the franchise.

One would assume he would still be consulted regarding the same, considering *points to seven Super Bowl rings*.

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