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  • When Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman partied at Harvard after 34-28 Super Bowl comeback - "He's got like 15 chicks around"
When Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman partied at Harvard after 34-28 Super Bowl comeback

When Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman partied at Harvard after 34-28 Super Bowl comeback - "He's got like 15 chicks around"

Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman certainly know how to party. And they had a big one after winning the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons.

Coming back from being down 28-3 for the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history is something that deserves all the props.


Once they returned to Boston, the players had to prepare for the victory parade. However, that didn't stop Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman from starting the celebration early.

They took off to Harvard, which some might consider a surprising choice, and had a great time. The two players appeared together to recount the party. Danny Amendola said,

"I remember after the first Super Bowl we won we went to this Harvard party. We go to this Harvard party it's like… this is the night before the parade, so we were stuck in Boston. Yeah, so we're stuck in Boston and we're like… I think it was Julian's brilliant idea anyway we're like we got the Phoenix Club they won't have us come out tonight. I'm like perfect. So, we go get some sushi…”

While the night started quite innocuously at first with them just going out and getting some sushi, it soon devolved into quite the night. The two of them had nearly three dozen bottles of champagnes smashed and used it to drench each other. The story continued,

“That same night we go get sushi; we're ripping it. We find a guy, we go to this little club... and we find this guy. And we have probably 30 bottles of champagne at this small little venue and all we're doing is pouring them on each other and then breaking the bottles. And we paid the guy just to clean up the bottle, all the glass. All he had was a broom and a mop and a in a bucket and he'd probably picked up 35 bottles of champagne we just broke it with the back of this bar he was picking ‘em up.”

After that they made it to Harvard. The craziest part was Julian Edelman found himself in a 'psychedelic' room.

“We go to this Harvard party and we walk in and then all these, you know, kids are upstairs and it's like a huge like venue in there… you can rent this house out and they're all like cameras action. It was insane. I go up, I actually, I'll skip to later that night… I had to get out, I had to get out of there… I go upstairs to tell Julian that… I had to go and he's sitting… in like this mysterious psychedelic bedroom."

However, he was not alone and had company of nearly 15 women whom he regaled with his stories while smoking cigarettes.

"And he's sitting on the bed with his shirt off and his sunglasses on, smoking a Marlboro Red and he's got like 15 chicks around him… And he's telling like the same stories we're talking about right now, like just old war stories… And I'm like ‘Hey Jules, I gotta get out of here’… After that I saw him at the parade the next day.”

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola also wound up as good Samaritans

Despite the crazy partying, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola showed their compassionate side when they encountered a woman whose car was stuck in a snowstorm.

"We helped the car… in the snowstorm… A car gets stuck. Me and Danny get out of the car to push the car off the freeway."

As the host expressed the incredulity the woman might have felt being rescued by two drunk Patriots, Edelman countered they were two drunk "Super Bowl-winning" Patriots. And that makes all the difference!

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