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5 Korean BL dramas one can watch to ease into the Boys Love genre

The K-entertainment industry continues to evolve as Korean BL dramas have now become mainstream rather than a niche entertainment genre that previously could not be aired on television. Despite the laws protecting the LGBTQ+ society in South Korea being practically non-existent, Korean BL dramas have helped positively shape the general public's views towards same-sex relationships through the accurate portrayal of their stories.

BL stands for "Boys Love" and is a fictional genre in the media centering around the romance between boys. They are not different from the mainstream K-dramas, except that there is no leading lady in the show. One of the most famous Korean BL dramas at the moment is Semantic Error, which is making everyone swoon.


For all K-drama lovers who are looking for something new to watch, Korean BL dramas are worth giving a try.

Where Your Eyes Linger, Light on Me, and 3 other Korean BL dramas that are a must watch for K-drama lovers

1) Choco Milk Shake


Episodes: 11

Where to watch: YouTube

Choco Milk Shake is a fantasy Korean BL drama produced by Strongberry. The protagonist Jung-woo’s lonely life takes an otherworldly twist when his childhood dog and cat cross the rainbow bridge of the afterlife and come back into his life reincarnated as humans.

What prompted them to come back? How long will they stay? Would things turn out differently for Choco and Milk now that they’re human? All these questions are answered in the show.


2) Mr. Heart

Episodes: 8

Where to watch: Viki

Mr. Heart is a heart-fluttering Korean BL drama that would make the viewers swoon with the number of cute scenes between the protagonists. Sang-ha, the happy-go-lucky sprinter who always smiles despite adversities, is made the pacemaker for marathoner Jin-won, who has a cold and dismissive personality.


Their personalities make it very hard for them to like each other. However, opposites do attract, and the couple soon finds out that they need each other more than they thought. The enemies-to-lovers show is not devoid of its fair share of heartbreak and tears and is a drama packed with emotions.

3) Light on Me

Episodes: 16

Where to watch: Viki

Loner Tae-kyung never thought he needed friends until his final year of school. However, he finds it difficult to approach people because of his clinical personality. His teacher advises him to join the school’s student council, leading Tae-kyung to find himself in a love triangle with Vice President Shin-woo, who is cold towards him, and President Da-on, who welcomes him with open arms. The drama perfectly encapsulates teenage love, heartbreak, and the awkwardness of it all.

2) To My Star


Episodes: 9

Where to watch: Viu

To My Star is a Korean BL drama showcasing the love story between free-spirited actor Kang Seo-joon and introverted chef Han Ji-woo. The former gets involved in a fabricated scandal and has to move in with Ji-woo to escape the paparazzi, which leads to the blossoming of an unlikely friendship that turns to love.

Seo-joon pushes Ji-woo out of his shell while the latter anchors the former's chaotic personality. The show was very well received and also has a second season that is available to be binge-watched.

5) Where Your Eyes Linger

Episodes: 8

Where to watch: Viki

Where Your Eyes Linger, released in 2020, is often credited with pushing the Korean BL drama industry to new heights of success. The drama revolves around 18-year-old student Han Tae-joo, who is a chaebol (a South Korean business conglomerate), and his bodyguard Kang Gook, who poses as a fellow student at his school to keep the former safe.

Tae-joo and Kang Gook have undeniable chemistry. However, they are suddenly forced to explore the future of their relationship and forbidden love when a female student shows interest in Kang Gook, much to the irritation of Tae-joo.


2022 has been a year full of tears for K-drama lovers due to shows such as Big Mouth, All of Us Are Dead, and more. For those looking for more lighthearted romances, foraying into the world of Korean BL dramas could be just the right remedy to soothe one's wounded heart.

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