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Zach and Irine break up just days after getting engaged (Images via Netflix)

Love is Blind season 4: Zack tries to switch fiancées after breaking up with Irina

Spoiler Warning: The following article contains information about Love is Blind season 4.

Netflix dropped the first five episodes of Love is Blind season 4 on Friday, March 24 at 03:01 am ET. The first three episodes featured 30 single Seattle residents coming forward and trying to connect with someone emotionally via audio-connected pods. Defense lawyer Zack and business owner Irina immediately hit it off in the pods, but the former was confused between her and another contestant named Bliss.


After some thinking, Zach chose Irina because he could trust her more. He was also worried about how Bliss' family would view him growing up with a single mother who worked as a stripper. Zack ultimately proposed to Irina, and she said yes.

But the pair's first in-person meeting was not very romantic, as Irina tried to avoid eye contact with Zack and even refused to let him ki*s her while proposing. During their honeymoon, they grew even more distant and decided to call off their engagement.

Irina was more excited about a 5-minute conversation with another contestant, Paul, than she was about speaking with her partner. Zack, on his part, felt like they were behaving like an old married couple who hated each other. He hated sleeping with Irina in the same bed, and the latter admitted that she had been treating Zack poorly.

After separating from Irina, Zack met Bliss in a cafe after returning from his luxury vacation. He admitted that:

"I made the wrong choice. You know I did, and I do too."

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, but based on the Love is Blind season 4 trailer, Bliss might say yes to Zack after he proposes. In the video, Zack can be seen telling a woman that he did not want to be in a marriage where his partner's parents hated him. A male voice also says in the trailer that he made a mistake and now he is going to propose to another woman.

What happened in the Love is Blind pods?

Irina and Zack immediately connected in the Love is Blind pods and made jokes on their first date. Zack then became more vulnerable and revealed that his mother had become a stripper to afford food for him. Bliss also connected with Zack over his favorite songs and on an intellectual level.


Bliss and Irina had agreed that they would not let any situation come between them in the first episode. However, with time, they started to fight each other. Bliss made birthday cupcakes for Zack and refused to give a candle to Irina, who forgot that it was Zack's birthday.

Zack was hurt when Bliss mentioned that his choice of girl would reflect on him as a person. Ultimately, Irina decided to give up on the Love is Blind race and said she was almost ready to pack up her bags. Zack mentioned that she could be vicious towards people who hurt her but ultimately chose her over Bliss.

After heading to their honeymoon in Mexico, Zack realized that Irine was not interested in him and had many fluctuations in mood. He tried talking to Irina about the same thing, but she put a pillow over her head. Afterward, the couple experienced a mutual but "weird" breakup. In front of Irina, Zach, at last, admitted that he had been thinking about his ex-girlfriend Bliss all along.

The first five episodes of Love is Blind season 4 are now available on Netflix.


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