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“Christina is annoying”: The Bachelor fans slam Christina Mandrell for ruining Charity’s rose moment

The Bachelor Season 27 aired Episode 3 on Monday, featuring Zach Shallcross going on two one-on-one and a group date.

After the group date, Zach gave a red rose to Charity, giving her validation and saving her from elimination. Once he left, the girls congratulated her and stated that she deserved it. But Christina Mandrell mentioned that she was confused about why the Bachelor gave Charity the rose and not her.


Seeing her ruining the other's rose moment, the fellow suitresses slammed Christina and asked her to keep quiet. Fans, too, found her annoying and mentioned that she should get over herself.

I’m with the girls…Christina is annoying. She needs to get over herself and gain some situational awareness. #thebachelor

The ladies wanted to bring up Christina’s behavior to Zach soon.

Fans, who once loved Christina, now called her “villain”


In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3, viewers criticized Christina for being mean and rude to other girls, especially Charity.

In the second episode, fans praised Christina when she went on a one-on-one date with Zach and met his family. She was lauded for revealing to the Bachelor lead that she’s a mother. Viewers were so impressed with her that they wanted her to be the next Bachelorette.

However, Episode 3 has changed those opinions and now fans have labeled her as the “villain.” Take a look at their reactions:

This is just weird, why is Christina becoming the villain all of a sudden?? Like girl, get it TOGETHER #TheBachelor
Christina saying "I'm confused. I'm mad it wasn't me."
OMG seriously? She's saying this out loud!? #TheBachelor
Christina just can't hack the attention not being on her. She's genuinely baffled that she's not #1 in the room for Zach. Do we have to endure that everyone time someone else gets a rose? Let them have their moment girl. #TheBachelor
Of course a Christina is causing drama #TheBachelor
Christina is the new Villian! Heads up! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #TheBachelor
Christina should not be allowed to drink because I loved her so much last week and now I’m getting secondhand embarrassment #TheBachelor
Christina giving off serial killer vibes #TheBachelor
Christina Mandrell needs to keep some thoughts to herself. That seems to be her big problem. Not all thoughts are necessary to share with the whole group. #TheBachelor
Christina just shut up and be fake like everybody else like damn #TheBachelor

In Episode 3 of The Bachelor 2023, Zach gave a rose to Charity after the group date. While the girls were congratulating her, Christina said:

“I am confused. I am mad it wasn’t me.”

Shocked by her statement, the ladies jumped in and asked Christina to not ruin Charity’s moment and make everything just about her. Their argument broke the latter's heart, who then left the scene in tears.

Prior to that, the ladies were seen mentioning in their respective confessionals that they were annoyed at Christina as she couldn’t stop talking about her private chats with Zach. Brianna later complained about her to the star before she decided to leave the show.

Viewers were curious to find out whether Zach would side with the ladies or ignore them as Clayton Echard did in the previous season with Shanae Ankney. Fortunately, he listened to his suitresses and sent Christina home in the latest episode.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3 dates

In the latest episode, Kaity and Aly got the chance to go on a one-on-one date with Zach. While he took Kaity to a museum that night and had their fantasy suite moment, Aly had a decently romantic date with Griffin Palmer performing for them.


Zach had one group date with the remaining ladies — Anastasia, Ariel, Bailey, Brianna, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Davia, Gabriella, Genevie, Greer, Jessica, Katherine, Kylee, and Mercedes. On the group date, the team was divided into two teams and they participated in “The Bachelor Bowl.”

The team that won the competition went on a group date with him in the evening, which led to Zach giving Charity a red rose.

Viewers can watch The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3 on Hulu on Tuesday. Meanwhile, it airs new episodes on Monday on ABC at 8:00 pm ET.


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