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Mark Cuban with Ice Cream Canteen founder Jordan Stern on Shark Tank (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)

Did Ice Cream Canteen get a deal on Shark Tank? Fans call it “expensive” and slam sharks for their “rudeness”

Shark Tank season 14 aired episode 18 on ABC on Friday, featuring an interesting pitch for an ice cream container. Founder Jordan Stern came into the tank to present his invention, The Ice Cream Canteen. His pitch impressed the sharks and thus the entrepreneur received many offers.

Jordan accepted Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner’s combined offer. While fans were happy with the segment, they also found the product expensive.

The ice cream canteen is brilliant but expensive!

#SharkTank @ABCSharkTank

To note, the product’s price is $49.99.

In addition to Mark and Lori, Shark Tank season 14 episode 18 also included other sharks/investors such as Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and guest shark Daniel Lubetzky.

Daniel Lubetzky expressed his disappointment over Ice Cream Canteen deal online


Ice Cream Canteen founder Jordan Stern came into the tank seeking $100,000 in exchange for 5% equity in his company.

After his business pitch, Kevin O’Leary offered him a deal of $100,000 for a 30% stake. Lori Greiner too was interested and so was Mark Cuban. Overwhelmed with offers, Jordan looked confused. Fans trolled him for thinking too much when Lori and Mark decided to work with him.

Icecream boy is so confused right now 🫠 #SharkTank
@LoriGreiner @mcuban JORDAN, TAKE THE DEAL NOW! To partner with Lori and Mark is priceless forever!! That’s a NO BRAINER, a DREAM COME TRUE, a Heaven sent opportunity!! #SharkTank

Eventually, Jordan accepted the two shark-duos offer:

“A $100,000 investment and $200,000 line of credit for a 20% stake in the company.”

Prior to that, the sharks were seen being rude to each other and were not allowing the founder to listen to fellow sharks' offer. As Jordan didn’t give a chance to Daniel Lubetzky, the KIND CEO did not seem to have taken it too well.

He shared his opinion on Twitter.

Even if Jordan was smitten w/ @lorigreiner & @mcuban, he should have listened to my offer vs. seeming too desperate. It could have helped him negotiate w/ his preferred sharks, even if that wasn't me. @icecreamcanteen #SharkTank
On @abcsharktank, I always ask entrepreneurs what they need the most help with, as sometimes, a deal isn't actually what's best for them. If Jordan's biggest need to grow @IceCreamCanteen is inventory financing, he'd be better off going to a bank. #SharkTank

Shark Tank fans too shared their opinion about the Ice Cream Canteen and criticized the sharks in season 14 episode 18.

@ABCSharkTank You really need to reduce the level of rudeness among your sharks. Yelling over each other is so unprofessional. And refusing to let someone listen to ALL offers before making a decision is poor business. Do you think it's ideal to make uniformed decisions in business? 🙄
The Ice Cream Canteen is $44.99. You have to invest in preserving your ice cream! #SharkTank
That Ice Cream Canteen deal just stressed me all the way out #SharkTank

What is Shark Tank’s Ice Cream Canteen?

Jordan Stern got the inspiration to create Ice Cream Canteen from a coffee thermos. After sipping coffee from the thermos, he realized that the same could be done with ice cream. So, he invented a container where people can preserve their ice cream from melting for longer hours outside the freezer.


The description on the company’s website reads:

“A seemingly impossible problem, with an amazing solution. The idea originated while on a road trip in my home made campervan in Yosemite in the summer of 2017."

It continues:

"Inspired by the amazing insulation of my trusted coffee thermos, I thought if this technology can work for coffee and other foods, maybe it can work for ice cream? After a ton of melted ice cream, designs, re-designs, research and development, The Ice Cream Canteen™ is ready and even better than we could have expected.”

On Shark Tank, Jordan impressed the sharks with his invention and bagged a good deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. However, they gasped when they discovered that one container cost $49.99.

Viewers who have missed the latest episode of Shark Tank can watch it on Hulu on Saturday. The episode will also be available on the ABC site.

Shark Tank airs new episodes every Friday on ABC at 8 pm ET.


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