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Concept photos for The Story (Image via @konnect_danielk/Twitter)

Kang Daniel's performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show wins hearts 

CEO, singer-songwriter, MC, and actor Kang Daniel continues his dream run. He finally made his US television debut with an incredible performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The talented star released his first full-length album, The Story, on May 24, 2022. His highly-anticipated appearance on the American celebrity talk show was a part of his promotional activities for the album which has already tasted massive success.


Kang Daniel performed the song Parade on The Kelly Clarkson Show


Kang Daniel made his debut on American television during the June 16, Thursday, episode of Kelly Clarkson's acclaimed show. Charming the audience with a riveting performance of Parade, one of the fan favourites from his album The Story, the idol firmly established his foothold on American media after gaining critical acclaim in the Korean music industry.

The show's host, popular musician and television personality Kelly Clarkson, introduced the former Wanna One member saying:

“This next guest first rose to fame with the K-pop group Wanna One. Since then, he’s broken out on his own, earning dozens of awards and becoming one of the most successful K-pop solo acts to date.”

Fan reaction


Fans of Kang Daniel wasted no time in taking over social media and heaping praise on the singer for his stupendous performance that had the audience of The Kelly Clarkson Show in awe.

@KellyClarksonTV @konnect_danielk Truly a masterpiece performance. Kang Daniel proved once again he's born to be a superstar.

#PARADE #KellyClarksonShow
#강다니엘 #KangDaniel
@KellyClarksonTV @konnect_danielk I'm so proud of you, #KANGDANIEL, you made it...by all your effort from your own company...

What a great stage and performance 🥰

Thank you #KellyClarksonShow

@KellyClarksonTV @konnect_danielk 3:32am here in Ohio. I couldn't sleep so I pick up my phone as usual. First thing I find interesting was a great performance (KD) on my favorite morning show. It's gonna be a good day yall

The singer's popularity is at an all-time high at the moment, and his appearance on the American show has only consolidated his position further.


The latest reports from Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, which analyzes consumer participation, media activity, communication and community activity to find out which idol has the highest brand value point, revealed that Kang Daniel held the number one spot in June. The Upside Down singer boasted of 5,253,824 brand value points, beating many other idols including all of BTS. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo was a close second.

June Boygroup Member Brand Reputation:

1. Wanna One Kang Daniel
2. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo
3. BTS Jimin
4. BTS Jungkook
5. BTS V
7. BTS Jin
9. Wanna One Kim Jaehwan
10. BTS RM

More about Kang Daniel and his latest album

The singer's latest album, The Story, is already a huge success. The host of Street Woman Fighter co-wrote the title track Upside Down in collaboration with artists Chancellor and Knave. Released on May 24, the music video for Upside Down currently has over 20 million views, with the count increasing every minute.


The singer also uploaded an English-lyric music video for the song on June 15. The animated music video features the artist as a cat who's determined to go on island adventures.

The Story, which is the artist's first full-length album, released 13 months after his last mini-album Yellow from the Color trilogy.

The singer has been in the limelight since 2017. Apart from dabbling in songwriting, singing, dancing, and hosting, Kang Daniel has also tried his hand at acting. He starred in Disney+ Star’s first Korean Original series, the 2022 drama Rookie Cops.

Kang Daniel also happens to be the youngest CEO in the history of the K-pop industry, having founded his agency Konnect Entertainment when was only 23. Besides Daniel himself, the agency manages influential artists such as CL, Yuju, and Chancellor.


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