KANGDANIEL is all ready to take you to the Upside Down with first full-length album 'The Story'

Kang Daniel concept photos for The Story (Image via @konnect_danielk/Twitter)
Kang Daniel concept photos for The Story (Image via @konnect_danielk/Twitter)

Sitting at 12 million views already, KANGDANIEL made an explosive comeback with Upside Down on May 24, part of his latest album, The Story. After his successful Color mini-album trilogy, The Story is his first full-length album containing ten tracks that take fans on a journey and help them relax.

The multi-faceted artist has gone all out with The Story - he has four title tracks featuring collaborations with equally established K-pop artists. Dbo, sokodomo, Jessi, and Chancellor feature in Loser, How We Live, Don't Tell, and Mad, respectively

The Story is a milestone in the artist’s career as it is his first full-length album after being active in the industry for nearly six years. Moreover, it arrives 13 months after his last release, Yellow, from his Color trilogy - marking his comeback to album releases.

KANGDANIEL wants to turn the world Upside Down with first full-length album, The Story


CEO, singer-songwriter, MC, and actor KANGDANIEL released his first full-length album, The Story, on May 24. The Street Woman Fighter host co-wrote the main title track, Upside Down, with artists Chancellor and Knave. Produced by Sean Kennedy and MZMC, it is a medium-tempo song talking about the struggles of mundane life.

Talking about The Story, the 25-year-old soloist said,

“My new album ‘The Story’ has diverse stories you can relate to, and I want to tell the stories as a storyteller. I would be grateful if you just enjoy and feel relaxed with ‘The Story’. I hope you like it!”

The Story comprises ten tracks with multiple artist collaborations crowned as title tracks. The Story, Upside Down, Loser (feat. Dbo), Parade, Don’t Tell (feat. Jessi), Ride 4 U, How We Live (feat. sokodomo), Mad (feat. Chancellor), 1000x, and Moment. The 25-year-old even participated in co-writing all ten songs.

Meanwhile, speaking to MTV News, the idol-host-songwriter delved deeper into the inspiration behind the full-length album.

“This time around, it truly felt that everyone’s stories and all of the stories combined came together through my songs and that really just evolved into music and I believe that that just culminated into the title, The Story.”


KANGDANIEL is one of the most prominent K-pop idols. He performed his hit song Antidote on GRAMMY.com’s Press Play At Home. His comeback news left fans ecstatic, evident from the 7.6 million views that Upside Down amassed in just nine hours of its release.

Currently, the song has crossed double digits and sits at 12 million views on YouTube.

Adding to his achievement roster is establishing his agency - Konnect Entertainment. Founded when he was 23, KANGDANIEL became the youngest CEO in the history of the K-pop industry. The agency manages influential artists such as CL, Yuju, and Chancellor.

As the beloved former Wanna One member, KANGDANIEL has been in the limelight since 2017. After years of songwriting, singing, dancing, and hosting, he dabbled in acting with the 2022 drama, Rookie Cops, Disney+ Star’s first Korean Original series.

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