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Matty Healy's apologized for his past controversial action (Image via snip from X/@trublacmanfr)

"Lamest trend in popular culture": Matty Healy's apology for his past controversial action leaves the internet divided

Matty Healy frontman of the 1975 band made a public apology on the night of Monday, October 2, 2023. He publicly apologized for hurting the sentiments of people and for landing himself in multiple controversies. Matty apologized at his band’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl. His public apology has come after he received severe backlash online for making misogynistic comments against rapper Ice Spice.

Matty was in the news after a clip of his interview from The Adam Friedland Show went viral where he joked about the racist comments against Ice Spice. During the interview he also revealed that he liked to watch p*rnographic content that shows the br*talization of black women.


While the episode was removed from The Adam Friedland Show, Matty received a lot of criticism online for his comments. He recently apologized for all of the comments he has made.

However, some social media users didn't seem too happy with the apology and noted that the culture of saying something controversial and apologizing for it wasn't cool. They took to respond to Pop Crave's post on X to discuss the same with people calling it a lame trend as well.

Social media users @AndyMatteoMusic's reaction (Image via snip from X/@AndyMatteoMusic)

In his apology, Matty noted that some of his actions may have hurt some people and that he wanted to apologize to them adding that he pledged to do better moving forward.


Social media users are divided over Matty Healy's apology video

When internet users saw Matty Healy's apology, they took to social media to react to it. While some said that he at least did end up apologizing, others said that it was too late for him to apologize now.

Internet users' reaction (Image via snip from X/@PopCrave)
Social media users react to Matty's apology (Image via snip from X/@PopCrave)
Social media users' reaction (Image via snip from X/@PopCrave)

In his apology video, Matty Healy said that he believed that it was important for him to express his intentions so everyone knows that there was "no ill will coming" from him.

"You see, as an artist, I want to create an environment for myself to perform where not everything that I do is taken literally," he added.

The singer went on to say"

"I’ve kind of performed exaggerated versions of myself on other stages, be it print or on podcasts and in an often misguided attempt at fulfilling the kind of character role of the 21st-century rock star"

It is worth noting that he also apologized to rapper Ice Spice, who has accepted his apology.

Matty Healy also apologized in July 2023 over his remarks

Before his recent apology video, the singer had apologized in July 2023 during his outdoor show in Finsbury Park in London. He said that he was always trying stuff and while he got some of it right, he got some stuff wrong.

"What I mean is that I really am only doing this because I want to make you guys laugh and feel good," Healy went on to say.

Matty Healy also added that this was what his "favorite art does" and what he planned on doing, adding that he got a little excited.

"That’s what my favorite art does and that’s what I’m trying to do. I get a bit excited."

The 1975 band frontman was also in the news because there were rumors of him dating Taylor Swift and that sparked a discussion online. However, the rumors were never confirmed and have seemingly disappeared.


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