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“The power BLACKPINK hold is insane”: BLINKS feel proud as the group spotted taking pictures with French President Emmanuel Macron

BLACKPINK is currently occupied with its ongoing Born Pink World Tour and has been spotted meeting many famous and prominent people from different sections of life, which is undoubtedly making their fans proud and excited.

On January 25, the group attended the French Hospital Foundation Gala concert held at Le Zenith Arena in Paris, France, which was organized by France's First Lady, Brigitte Macron. The event is held annually and this time, BLACKPINK became the first K-pop group to ever be invited by Macron.


As BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa were spotted with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, BLINKS were left in a frenzy. Several took to their social media to express their excitement and one tweeted:

The power BLACKPINK hold is insane

France National Girl Grup🤭 with President Emmanuel Macron!

BLACKPINK gives spectacular performances alongside Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich and cellist Gautier Capucon at the French Hospital Foundation Gala concert

At the charity concert organized by French First Lady Brigitte Macron, the group lit up the event with their well-synchronized performance with Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich, one of the most prominent violinists in the field, who is also the winner of the Excelentia Prize.


Lozakovich played the melodious La Campnella when BLACKPINK put on a performance of their hit song Shut Down. The two perfectly synchronized with each other while receiving loud cheers from fans in the background.

.@BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” in collaboration with the Multiple Award-winning Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich at the @piecesjaunes concert!


Not only did they collaborate with Daniel Lozakovich, but the girl group also put on a performance alongside world-renowned cellist, Gautier Capucon, for their smash hit single track Pink Venom. Fans loved both the performances given by the group at the French charity concert.

As the performance concluded, French First Lady Brigitte Macron stated that the proceeds from the ticket sales of the event and the entire fund raised by the concert will be donated to the French Hospital Foundation. The 69-year-old further stated:

"It is very welcome to have BLACKPINK, who has great influence all over the world, to join us in such a meaningful event."
Repost: 🫶🏻[VIDEO] 230125 #LISA AND #BLACKPINK leaving the dinner spot after having a dinner with Emmanuel Macron (France President) and Brigitte Macron (First Lady of France) in Paris

Reportedly, the group also had dinner with President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron. In several viral pictures, they were also seen posing alongside several other prominent figures to commemorate the charity event, including a picture where member Lisa could be seen all smiles with famous tennis player Roger Federer.

Additionally, fans went wild after coming across a picture wherein President Macron could be seen taking a photo of the BLACKPINK members with American singer Pharrell Williams. This shocked many, as this would be the first time a President is seen taking a picture like this. Check out a few of these tweets below:

"The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, taking a picture of Pharell & BLACKPINK for them." I never thought i would say this sentence in my entire blink life
the influence @BLACKPINK has in paris is insane. they’re treated like the royals
BLACKPINK with the President & First Lady of France! They're France's Top GG!
#BLACKPINK with President and Pharrell 🫶
President of France is here to watch BLACKPINK OMG
.@BLACKPINK’s #JENNIE, #JISOO, #LISA, #ROSÉ, with the 8th President of the Fifth Republic of France, @EmmanuelMacron, French First Lady & President of Paris-Hospitals of France Foundation, Brigitte Macron & CEO of @TAGHeuer Frédéric Arnault (@f_arnault) at the @piecesjaunes gala!
blackpink participating in a gala by the first lady of france and she attended their tour, the president of sk saying blackpink attracted people to kpop, obama mentioning them in an event about saving the earth, joe biden said he's a fan of kpop groups like bp

The group is currently busy promoting its second album, Born Pink, through its Born Pink World Tour, which will conclude sometime in June 2023.

For now, the girl group has been enjoying its time meeting public figures and raising donations for several good causes. It has also participated in various social programs in the past, such as UN Sustainable Development Goals and in COP26 as Public Relations Ambassadors, among others.

The group will also be making an appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the USA in April 2023 and Hyde Park British Summertime Festival in the UK in July later.

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