BLINKS trends “Lisa Leave YG” as BLACKPINK’s Lisa has reportedly been offered $81 Million USD to leave YG Entertainment

Featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Image via lalalalisa_m Instagram)
Featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Image via Instagram/ lalalalisa_m)

On January 23, 2023, an insider from South Korean entertainment reported that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been offered $81 Million USD (100 billion KRW) to leave YG Entertainment.

Through an analyst report, it has been predicted by NH Investment & Securities that K-pop girl group BLACKPINK will renew their contract with their agency YG Entertainment. However, a media report by Munhwa Ilbo states contrasting details.

As BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment comes to an end in August 2023, many outlets are making assumptions about whether the group will consider staying with them or joining other agencies. Munhwa Ilbo stated in their report that it won’t be easy for YG Entertainment as the members of the group are being offered much higher pay from other labels.

However, when fans became aware of BLACKPINK’s Lisa being offered a hefty sum of $81 Million USD, they couldn’t contain their excitement. By larger consensus, BLINKs want her to switch labels. One fan tweeted:

“Lisa has been offered $81M to leave @ygent_official LISA LEAVE YG #GetThatMoneyLISA”

Fans want BLACKPINK’s Lisa to leave YG Entertainment as they opine that she has been mistreated by the agency several times in the past

It has been reported by Korean media that BLACKPINK will simply not break their loyalty to YG Entertainment for money. However, K-insiders believe that YG Entertainment should offer over 20 Billion KRW per member. Some fans even believe that the launch of the new group Baby Monster has been done to close the renewal of the contract with the group.

When the news of Lisa being offered $81 billion went viral on social media, YG Entertainment stock started dropping quickly, and fans were excited about the downfall of the agency. The reason behind BLINKs being elated about label’s loss is because of the treatment they give Lisa. They believe that ever since the group was formed, they have never treated her like the other members.

Now that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has showcased the value she holds in the South Korean entertainment industry, fans want her to leave YG and get the money she is currently being offered. They want her to free herself from the label so that she can grow as an artist with no scope of being exploited by an agency.

It has further been reported that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has an absolute and powerful influence in South East Asia, such as China, and the renewal of the contract with YG Entertainment would not be a smooth process. Hence, the label should prepare itself to offer more money and assurance to the members of the group.

There are many reasons why fans want BLACKPINK's Lisa to reconsider her decision regarding the renewal of her contract with the agency this coming August. Since she originally hails from Thailand and has nothing to do with South Korean citizenship, fans claim there are many instances where the agency mistreated her.

On one occasion, when BLACKPINK's Lisa asked her label to send her to a dance show, they sent her to a military show where she had to work like a real soldier and go through many difficult circumstances. As claimed by fans, she was hurt and couldn’t control her tears. Apart from this, during many programs and events, Lisa has been absent multiple times.

Moreover, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s fans still remember how YG only paid for a Weibo promotional advertisement for Jisso, Jennie, and Rose. The three members were seen on the banner, with the exception of the Money singer.

It has also been reported that since BLACKPINK's Lisa is a foreigner, she was getting paid three times less than the other three members. In many instances, YG kept many restrictions keeping Lisa away from working with other brands.

In other news, BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently earned nominations for SG Collab with DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ozuna at the 2023 Premio Lo Nuestro awards.

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Edited by Priya Majumdar