“TAEYANG X BLACKPINK teasing game won’t stop here”: Taeyang shares how he feels about the BLACKPINK members teasing him

Featuring Taeyang and BLACKPINK (Image via __youngdae__ and blackpinkofficial Instagram)
Taeyang and BLACKPINK (Image via __youngdae__ and blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

On January 16, Taeyang shared how he really felt about the BLACKPINK members teasing him in an interview with 1thek Originals.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang was previously a part of YG Entertainment, which points to his deep friendship with the members of BLACKPINK. On December 26, 2022, Taeyang signed a contract with THE BLACK LABEL, a different agency. As the idol released his first single VIBE in six years in collaboration with BTS’ Jimin, the members Jisoo and Jennie began showcasing their support for the BIGBANG member by teasing him.

BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Jenni have teased the idol on various occasions, from commenting on his Instagram posts to mimicking him at their concerts. Their friendship always brings joy to the fans of the idols. Upon hearing about the adorable interaction between the two BLACKPINK members and Taeyang, one fan tweeted:

“I guess TAEYANG X BLACKPINK teasing game won’t stop here”
I guess TAEYANG X BLACKPINK teasing game won't stop here 🤣…

“I think they’re making fun of me”: Taeyang reacts to BLACKPINK teasing him


When Taeyang dropped a post on his Instagram informing fans that VIBE had been released, Jennie commented on the post that she missed him very much. Only fans could understand why this statement from Jennie was hilarious. She was teasing him for something he had previously said at a concert to his fans.

At one of the concerts, he showcased his love for his fans by saying, "See you soon, I love you," and more in a very comedic manner. Members of BLACKPINK have continued to imitate it since those words became a meme when the idol spoke to his fans.


Jisoo teased him as well, but in a different way. She posted that she’s listening to the music released by the Wedding Dress singer along with her inner meme by commenting Yeoreobun. The English meaning of "yeoreobun" implies "everyone." She’s presenting her idol's music to everyone. Rose also liked the post about the idol. The Inner Meme is a throwback to the moment when the idol addressed his fans as Yeoreobun, meaning Everyone.

Jisoo teasing Taeyang with “Yeoreobun” and Jennie teasing him with “I missed you so much~~~” I can’t with them 😂

BLACKPINK members have been seen at different concerts teasing and mimicking Taeyang by copying the way he addresses his fans and the way he sings. Jennie and Jisoo are particularly well-known for constantly imitating the BIGBANG singer on their shows. After all this teasing, the idol finally revealed how he felt about the BLACKPINK member teasing him in an interview with the 1theK Original show Look Me Up. The idol also took part in IDDP.

IDDP is a South Korean show where idols read their ongoing trivia on different online pages and provide their reactions to it. While Taeyang was scanning through a popular forum site named TheQoo, one of the posts stated how BLACKPINK members constantly copy his greetings. When the VIBE singer saw the amusing memes, he commented that he had no idea they were so serious about them.

Blackpink will never stop teasing Taeyang poor man 😭😭😭😭

The BIGBANG member went on to explain that a variety of videos would appear on his feed because of the social media algorithm. He was astonished to see them mimicking someone like him. The singer was later asked by the host of the show how he felt about BLACKPINK members teasing him, to which he responded that it gave him mixed feelings. The idol commented:

“It makes me happy, but at the same time, I think they’re making fun of me”

The idol also revealed that BLACKPINK has always attended his solo concerts and always visited him backstage. At that time, the members had the habit of copying the things he did in his solo concerts. He continued that members must have thought back then that it was funny to mimic him.

Taeyang reaction to BLACKPINK teasing him about his Yeorobun video in their concert.🤣

Taeyang considered their bond to be that of a sibling relationship, so he didn't mind when they teased him on various occasions. As the idol went on to read the comments, he also agreed that yes, the members are cute and they are the best.

Fans react to Taeyang’s interview

While fans of the VIBE singer and BLACKPINK members saw the interview in which the former expressed his feelings about the latter teasing him, they didn't hesitate to express their feelings on Twitter, posting a series of videos and posts in which they had previously teased him.

Taeyang really just reacted to Blackpink teasing him during one of their soundchecks omg
😂😂😂 BLACKPINK teasing TAEYANG it’s like 2017 all over again 🥹🥹🥹
@blackpinkbabo He actually did mention BlackPink teasing him about it in their concert during his countdown live😂
Are they doing the taeyang moves in vibe (towards the end) if thats @Realtaeyang moves blackpink wont let you rest teasing you , will hope you could collab with ur labelmates also…
BLACKPINK Jisoo & Jennie With WINNER JINU interviewing BIGBANG TAEYANG 🥰🥰 #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink #BIGBANG @YG_GlobalVIP

Although the BIGBANG member left YG Entertainment, his friendship is still the same with the Pink Venom singers, setting a new standard for K-pop idols and fans by showing that even singers from different agencies can stay good friends.

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