Footage released by Michigan police shows a man shooting at a police helicopter from the backyard of an abandoned house (Screen shots taken from footage provided by the Michigan State Police)

WATCH: Video shows Michigan man firing at police helicopter before being shot to death

On Tuesday, January 24, a man was fatally shot by the Michigan State Police for aiming a laser and open firing at a police helicopter. The shooting took place in the northern part of downtown Detroit.

Nightvision footage of the incident released by law enforcement shows the man, who was later identified as a 33-year-old resident of Detroit, Michigan, pointing his rifle at the helicopter at around 8.30 pm local time on Tuesday.

Officer Involved Shooting:
01/24/23, at 7:30 PM
12857 Terry St., Detroit, MI.
The Detroit Regional Communication Center was notified by Trooper 2 (on patrol in the City of Detroit) that they were being hit by a green laser. 1/

In the video, the pilot of the targeted helicopter can be heard informing dispatch:

"We got somebody hitting us with a green laser on the rear of the house, upper window."

While continuously providing updates on the location of the shooter, the pilot can be further heard saying:

"Now there's somebody standing at the back door. Right now, they're in the backyard. He actually might, he might be armed. He almost looks like he's holding a long gun pointed at us right now. Yeah, he's shooting at us right now. He's firing rounds. He's got a long gun, extended magazine."

Michigan state troopers immediately responded to the reportedly abandoned house and fatally shot the gunman. According to a tweet by MSP Second District, the suspect died at the scene. Five firearms, including the one that was in possession of the suspect, were discovered by the officers.

Michigan state troopers who shot and killed the Detroit gunman have been placed on leave

A 33-year-old man from the Detroit suburb of Lincoln Park, who was allegedly inhabiting an abandoned house north of downtown Detroit, was shot and killed by two state troopers for open firing at a Michigan police helicopter. According to a neighbor, the unnamed suspect had recently started living there.

The male suspect has died on scene. Members of the Homicide Task Force have responded and are investigating. More information will be released as the investigation continues. 4/

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Lt. Mike Shaw said:

"They found multiple weapons and ammunition stashes throughout the home as if it were set up for some type of ambush or security purposes or whatever."

The helicopter and the pilot were unharmed in the attack, and the two state troopers who fatally shot the gunman have been placed on leave following the incident. According to officials, a prosecutor will review the incident, during which the troopers remain on leave.

In Detroit: A Suspect flashed a green laser at a Police Helicopter then started shooting at it from the second story of a home. The Pilot called it in and reported the location. Police Officers came under fire as they approached on foot. The Police shot back, killing the suspect.

Tweets by MSP Second District alleged that the shooter spotted the two state troopers approaching on foot, came out of the abandoned house, and started firing at them. At this point, the troopers returned fire, killing the man.

However, police have not released any information on how many shots were fired by the two officers and the suspect during the Detroit encounter. The two state troopers involved in the incident have been identified as a two-year veteran and a nine-year veteran of the Michigan State Police, and their names are being withheld by authorities.


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