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What did Grimes say about the Grammys? Netizens support musician after award show diss

In a social media rant on Sunday, February 5, 2023, Canadian singer and songwriter Grimes weighed in on the Grammy Awards, calling them "irrelevant" and alleging that she was influenced on who to nominate during her time as a board member.

The 34-year-old singer's diss came after singer Charli XCX expressed her disappointment at not receiving a Grammy nomination for her album Crash, stating that "people don't wanna see hot evil girls thrive."


In response, Grimes said:

"The Grammies are so irrelevant I wouldn’t even sweat it."

Supporting the singer, Grimes explained how she was not allowed to nominate her late trans producer Sophie Xeon as she was not part of an "exceptionally boring pre-fabricated list." The Shinigami Eyes singer was on the board for the Producer of the Year award and alleged that she was one of a total of three women and the only one under 40.


"The system is factually biased": Netizens extend support to Grimes for calling out Grammys nomination prejudice

As news of Grimes' comments spread, internet users rallied in her support and called the Grammys "scripted." They brought up past instances that highlighted the bias and named past snubbed artists like The Weeknd.

One user @ehabaleksh, called out the award for its inherent nepotism where "old white men" choose their "favorites" to win rather than "actual music."

Grimes basically saying the grammys' board is a punch of nepotisim driven old white men choosing their favourites to win with no consideration to the actual music. The #Grammys remain corrupt.

Twitter user Queen, @Queenofspraying, pointed out that the same artists being nominated every year was a direct consequence of the "pre-determined list." User @PsychicCancer also remarked on the lack of diversity in the nomination committee itself, reinforcing the idea of "factual bias."

A comment supporting the artist (Image via Twitter/@Queenofspraying)
A comment supporting the artist (Image via Twitter/@PsychicCancer)

Twitter was filled with comments in support of the Genesis singer's claims:

A comment supporting the artist (Image via Twitter/@Rurik_Varangian)
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Who is Charli XCX?

Born in Cambridge, England, Charlotte Emma Aitchison aka Charli XCX is renowned for her singing and songwriting.

She started her career by posting songs on her MySpace account and was soon discovered by a producer who invited her to perform at warehouse raves. By 2010, she had signed a contract with Asylum Records.


Her song Fancy with Iggy Azalea and solo Boom Clap have earned her critical and commercial success.

Who is Grimes?

Claire Elise Boucher aka Grimes is a Canadian musician and producer.

Her songs have distinct futurist, sci-fi, and feministic themes and follow a wide range of genres from lo-fi R&B to dance-pop.

She started her career as an independent artist, releasing two albums, Geidi Primes and Halfaxa. In 2010, the 34-year-old signed with Arbutus Records releasing her third album, Visions, which garnered her success. She has released a total of five studio albums

The Recording Academy has yet to comment on the accusations.

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