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  • What did Selena Gomez say about the Hailey Bieber drama? Netizens in a frenzy as singer follows model on Instagram
Selena Gomez speaks about Hailey Bieber drama (Image via Twitter/moviesmusic_th_)

What did Selena Gomez say about the Hailey Bieber drama? Netizens in a frenzy as singer follows model on Instagram

Selena Gomez recently posted a story on Instagram asking fans to stop "bullying" and hating on Hailey Bieber in light of their drama. Gomez and the Biebers have been involved with each other since 2018 when Hailey began dating Justin Bieber just one month after his breakup with Selena.

Their dating timeline is incredibly rocky, but it is important to note that Gomez and Justin haven't dated each other since their breakup in 2018.


Selena took to her Instagram on March 24, 2023, to speak directly about the drama involving the Biebers and herself for the first time since the beginning of their involvement. In her Instagram story, she noted that Hailey had reached out to her and told her about the death threats and hate that she had been receiving due to their drama.

The We Don't Talk Anymore singer added that the hate and bullying wasn't what she stood for and that she has always advocated for kindness. She ended her note with:

"[I] really want this all to stop."

Netizens immediately took to Twitter to talk about Selena Gomez's response to the years-long Hailey Bieber drama.

Selena Gomez defending Hailey Bieber for the 1224642th time…

Ever since the drama began, fans had allegedly been posting death threats and making negative comments about Hailey Bieber. While some said that she stole Justin from Selena, others would just spew hate at her on social media.

Selena Gomez talks about the Hailey Bieber drama, sends netizens into a frenzy

In light of Selena Gomez's story, several fans took to Twitter, and while some commented how kind Selena was, others rolled their eyes at Hailey's "audacity."

Some even commented on how Justin Bieber said nothing in his wife's defense and how she had to reach out to his "ex-lover" for help.

@SELSREP This just proves that we've always been on the right side! Selena is a great person, I doubt if they were they would do this.
@GomezSource She’s too kind even when Hailey fans speak negatively about her and wish her death she’s still sticking up for her
@OfficialSGnews Selena's a better person than i am by again showing grace to her SM stalker. Love SG!

Among all the drama, rumors, and death threats, some fans realized that Selena started following Hailey on Instagram, shocking hundreds of her fans.

@GomezSource She even started following Hailey on ig

While some mentioned that Hailey Bieber could not go to her own husband for help, they said that Gomez had defended Hailey on multiple occasions even when Justin didn't do the same.

Your husband never defended you but your husband’s ex has defended you in front of the world many times imagine having no dignity and still continue in this marriage…anyway selena gomez got the upper hand
@rhymaupadhyay No because I don’t support death threats, that’s awful. But no one cared about the girl before she opened her mouth and no she acts like it’s everyone’s problem🤡
@SELSREP Not even Justin spoke up
@miss_steinerr no it’s just EMBARRASSING. imagine having to reach out to ur husbands first love to defend u but not ur actual husband… oof that’s rough
@clinemezs it really should be Justin! the nerve of Hailey to message SG when she has her "husband" by her side
@runawaynisha well if her husband is the one who defend her yall be telling ppl that its hailey herself so...🤷‍♀️ &the one throwing hate r selenas fans so its selenas job🤦‍♀️

Selena Gomez-Hailey Bieber controversy timeline

Hailey Bieber and Gomez have encouraged fans to move on from the alleged drama many times over the years. Both women have shared a romantic history with Justin Bieber.

Selena dated him on and off for eight years from 2010 to 2018, before they finally called it quits in 2018. Hailey married Justin in September 2018, just months after his breakup with the Wolves singer.

The timing caused several Selena fans to rage about how quickly the Baby singer had moved on. Some even said that Bieber didn't love Hailey at all.

Before she met and married Justin, she was a Jelena fan (ship name for Justin and Selena) and a passionate Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan). However, in 2018, Justin and Hailey met, fell in love, and got married.

Hailey Bieber has previously been accused of subtly throwing shade at Selena on her social media for years. After the recent drama involving Kylie Jenner, Hailey Beiber lost hundreds of thousands of fans, while Selena's fanbase grew by 10 million followers on Instagram. Hailey Bieber's fan base currently has under 50 million followers after the speculation of her hating Selena Gomez.

On several occasions, both women have tried to show their love and support for each other to get rid of the hateful comments. Hailey has been accused of 'copying' Selena Gomez several times throughout the years.

Justin Bieber's recent birthday party favors ignited another controversial debate about the keychains being a dig at Selena.

Justin and Hailey Bieber have ignored the fan drama completely and have not commented on any past or new rumors since then.

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