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Kim Richards might return to the show after 8 years (Image via Celebmafia)

Why did Kim Richards leave RHOBH? Kyle’s sister spotted filming for upcoming season 13

RHOBH star Kim Richards left the show after season 5 owing to her legal and substance issues, due to which she had to stay in rehab.

Kim and her sister Kyle were the OG cast members of the show and got into many arguments during the first season itself. Kim entered rehab for the first time during season 2 of RHOBH and again in 2015 after leaving the show.


Kim was caught shoplifting twice that year and was seen getting disorientated in front of the cameras. She was sentenced to 300 hours of commuting service and 52 AA meetings for the shoplifting incident.

Post RHOBH, the actress and socialite became a grandmother and volunteered at an NGO called Skydog Ranch.

Now, Kim Richards has been spotted shooting a scene for RHOBH season 13 with her sister Kyle and cast member Dorit Kemsley. This means that the actress might be returning to the show after eight years.

While it will be interesting to see how Kim and Kyle behave in front of the camera, given their constant fights, Kathy Hilton might not join the cast with her sisters.


After the news of Kim Richards' return surfaced on the internet, fans got excited about the upcoming season:


Fans think Kyle Richards might be using Kim for a storyline in RHOBH season 13


In a video circulating online, Dorit, Kyle, and Kim are seen having a tense conversation. Later on, the three ladies read something from their phones and discuss it amongst themselves.

While fans were happy with Kim Richards' return, they felt that Kyle might be using her for a family storyline as now her sister Kathy might not be returning to the show.

Kim Richards has been spotted filming w/ Kyle and an extra. That officially makes 3 returns (Camille and Denise) We’re in a #RHOBH Renaissance, folks.
I think if Kim is filming than production is gonna try focus on the family tension between Kathy Kim & Kyle and I’m there for it. Seeing the dynamics of the 3 sisters together would be fascinating #RHOBH
Kyle promoting Kim because Kathy most likely isn’t filming and she needs to use one or both of her sisters in order to have a storyline. 🥴 #rhobh
Dorit, Kyle, & Kim filming a scene yesterday for #RHOBH Season 13. (celebmafia)
Kyle, Kim and Dorit filming together while hiking for #rhobh today! Are we excited to see the OG sisters back together and do we think Kathy will be on board soon? So much happening in Beverly Hills 🥰
If Kyle was as great as some of y’all say we wouldn’t need to bring in Camille, Denise and now Kim to film. She can’t carry a show even if she tried. #RHOBH twitter.com/marteaniseddy/…
Kim, Kyle and Dorit filming for #RHOBH
IM SCREAMING, CRYING, THROWING UP!! Kim Richards was spotted filing scenes with Kyle for #RHOBH #bravo
Kim & Kyle filming but no Kathy? WE WON! #RHOBH twitter.com/jaysrealityblo…
Dorit, Kyle, & Kim filming a scene yesterday for #RHOBH Season 13. (celebmafia)
So that's 3 returning so far who would you want to see with diamonds I'm going for Camille and Kim #RHOBH twitter.com/JaysRealityBlo…
Dorit, Kyle, & Kim filming a scene yesterday for #RHOBH Season 13. (celebmafia)

More about the arguments between Kim and Kathy

In the season 1 finale of RHOBH, both child actors yelled at each other in a limo where Kyle called Kim an alcoholic and taunted her to get help. This was the first time Kim’s problems came into the limelight and she was unsure about ever talking to Kyle again.

On season 2 of the show, Kyle supported Kim’s decision of going to rehab, stating:

"We've gone through a lot together. Some of our reactions are to things we've gone through together, but people haven't seen them. I'm happy to say we're in a much better place right now."

She admitted in the season’s reunion that she was feeling confident after her recovery. The sisters again fought in season 5 of the show after Kim’s sobriety was questioned by the cast members and Kyle did not support her. Kim told Kyle:

"Kathy would not ever act like this. Kathy would have my back like a real sister."

Her relationship with Kyle and her daughter was “destroyed” after the show's shooting and she also admitted to lying about being sober because she was “ashamed.”

It is unknown when season 13 of RHOBH will premiere.


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