“You’re not the victim”: RHOBH fans react as Kyle Richards ends up crying after the Kathy-Lisa feud in Reunion Part 3

Sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH
Sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH (Image via kylerichards18/Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Season 12 has finally come to an end after it aired Reunion Part 3 on Wednesday, October 26, on Bravo.

It featured Kathy Hilton’s arrival, leading to a major drama. Her Aspen meltdown was the highlight of the latest episode, where Lisa Rinna accused Kathy of traumatizing her. Kathy admitted to being upset that day, but also stated that Lisa tried to tarnish her reputation by lying about what was said that night.

Amid their feud, Kyle Richards kept on saying that the fight between Kathy and Lisa was affecting her. She even tried to slam her sister Kathy for allegedly blaming her for the stressful situation. Kyle ended up crying inconsolably, which didn’t go down well with RHOBH fans. Viewers called her out for playing a victim, which they felt she was not.

Kyle STOP CRYING. You’re not the victim. You choose to be friends with Rinna. #RHOBH

Here’s what fans have to say about Kyle Richards

Fans felt that Kathy Hilton was the real victim in the situation. She wanted her sister’s support in the feud with Lisa Rinna, but instead Kyle commented by saying that she didn’t hear what the real conversation was in Aspen.

Kathy expected Kyle to stand with her while she was fighting with Lisa. Her meltdown, in fact, started after Kyle refused to leave the club in Aspen that night. Meanwhile, host Andy Cohen revealed in the latest reunion episode that HR was investigating the incident about Kathy’s meltdown.

Fans were upset with Kyle for not supporting Kathy on the show and playing a victim. Take a look at fans’ reaction:

Another season of #RHOBH in the books and once again it ends with Kyle in tears and playing the victim. 🙄🙄🙄Blows my mind that she's been a "fan favorite" for so many years. #RHOBHReunion
If Kyle doesn’t believe what Erika said about Kathy, then Kathy is the victim. Kathy is the one being investigated by HR. Kathy’s reputation is on the line. How is Kyle the victim again? If I’m Kathy, I’m looking at Kyle sideways too. #RHOBH
Kyle and those fake tears of hers is the biggest victim mean girl in all housewives history. #RHOBH
Kyle the forever victim. Never has she stood up for either sister with gusto. At most, it’s weak pleas to stop — because of what it will do to her life. What would you do if someone came after your siblings like Rinna has? You’d have to pull me off of her. kyle is trash #rhobh
All Kathy wanted was Kyle to say to Rinna and Erica that they are liars, that’s why Kathy’s mad at her. Instead Kyle is playing the victim again. #RHOBH
Stop crying Kyle!! You didn’t speak up! And Kathy needed you to! That’s your sister and you continue to play victim “it’s all my fault” maybe not all but definitely some lady #RHOBH
I feel gaslit. This is why Kyle was destroyed? Over what? Snowflake victim. Take accountability Kyle. #RHOBH
Kyle wants to be the victim so damn bad …girl…stfu. You don’t/didn’t support your sister unless it was beneficial to do so for you. We all see it. She was the same way with Kim too. #RHOBHMeanGirls #RHOBH
Kyle playing the victim is so old and soggy #RHOBH #RHOBHreunion

For those unaware, Kathy had a meltdown when the group went on a trip to Aspen in RHOBH Season 12. On the last day of the trip, they went to a club, where Kathy was angry. The cast members mentioned in multiple confessionals that Kathy was demanding to go home and was furious at Kyle for declining her offer.

Thus, Lisa agreed to accompany Kathy, and the two headed home together. The former later revealed that Kathy was screaming, whining and venting the entire time, calling names and claiming to destroy Bravo and NBC. She apparently told Lisa that she would ruin Kyle and her family.

Till the finale of Season 12, Lisa was seen bringing up the incident and throwing shade at Kathy. She even took their little battle to social media and turned it into a major drama.

Where did Kathy and Kyle stand towards the end in RHOBH Season 12 reunion?

Bravo promoted the three-part RHOBH Season 12 reunion with preview clips featuring Kathy Hilton taking down Lisa Rinna. The most-awaited moment came during the final reunion episode, when Kathy arrived on set. She didn’t miss a second to jump right into the allegations and accusations Lisa had levied against her.

Kathy called out Lisa and Erika Jayne for tarnishing her reputation. She even mentioned that Lisa was lying and said that she would like her to take a lie detector test.

Amid the fights, Kyle was seen in tears multiple times, stating that the entire situation was hurting her the most. She felt Kathy was blaming her for everything, which was partially true. Kathy was upset with Kyle because the latter didn’t stand up for her sister in front of Lisa and Erika.

Towards the end of RHOBH Season 12 reunion, Kathy and Kyle hugged and said “I love you.” But Kathy also made a point to tell Kyle that the latter didn’t say a word in her support. After Kathy left, Kyle was inconsolable and claimed that the situation had drastically affected her relationship with her sister and that they might not reconcile.

In the end, RHOBH gave an update that Kyle and Kathy met each other for the first time post reunion at BravoCon 2022, which was held in October.

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