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  • “Nothing in this industry lasts forever”- Katherine McNamara opens up about Walker: Independence cancelation
Katherine McNamara opens up about Walker: Independence cancellation (Images Via Katherine McNamara Instagram)

“Nothing in this industry lasts forever”- Katherine McNamara opens up about Walker: Independence cancelation

Walker: Independence, the prequel series to the popular CW show Walker, was canceled in May 2023, just after one season. Anna Fricke and Seamus Kevin Fahey served as developers of the crime drama western period series. Actress Katherine McNamara played the lead character Abby Walker in the series, which made its debut on The CW on October 6, 2022.

Needless to say, fans were shocked and heartbroken by the news of the show's cancelation after just one season.


The lead star of the series, Katherine McNamara, recently opened up about how she felt regarding the sudden cancelation of Walker: Independence in a new episode of The Wayne Ayers Podcast, which will be released this Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

During the podcast, the actress expressed her disappointment about the show being canceled at such an early stage. However, she also said that she was happy that they would be bidding goodbye to the show knowing that they did everything in their power to save it. As reported by TVLine, McNamara said in the podcast:

"Nothing in this industry lasts forever...and the fact that we can walk away from that story knowing that we did everything we could, and we loved our time doing it and the people we did it with…. I think that’s the biggest takeaway."


Katherine McNamara gets candid regarding the cancelation of Walker: Independence, says it was "not the news we wanted to hear"

As per TVLine, during her guest appearance in a brand new upcoming episode of The Wayne Ayers Podcast, actress Katherine McNamara, who used to play the main role of Abby Walker in The CW's prequel series Walker: Independence, spoke about the show being abruptly canceled after running for just one season.

The actress opened up about how the cast and crew felt about this sudden announcement. She said:

"one of the showrunners and one of the producers called me...and obviously it’s not the call we wanted to get. It’s not the news we wanted to hear."

She further continued:

"But I think the show and the story will always have a special place in all of our hearts...It was such an incredible experience to get to work on a show and tell a story that meant so much to all of us, and with people who… we all meant so much to each other."

In brief, about Walker: Independence season 1


As reported by TVLine, the series' first season averaged a total of 946,000 viewers and a 0.1 demo rating as well, along with Live+7 playback. Out of all 14 drama series that The CW Channel went on to air this preceding TV season, Walker: Independence ranked third among the audience and in the demo. It was also in a nine-way tie for last.

The series ended with the final episode of season 1, titled Let Him Hang, on March 2, 2023.

Here's the official synopsis for the show, given by Rotten Tomatoes:

"Set in the late 1800s, an origin story of the series "Walker," "Walker Independence" follows Abby Walker, an affluent and tough-minded Bostonian whose husband is murdered before her eyes while on their journey out West. Abby arrives in the town of Independence, Texas, where she encounters diverse and eclectic residents running from their pasts, chasing their dreams, and keeping their own secrets."

The synopsis further reads:

"Abby runs into Hoyt Rawlins, a slippery rogue, thief, and con artist with a dented heart of gold who quickly eyes Abby as a mark, until she turns the tables on him. In seeking justice for her husband, Abby and Hoyt soon find themselves precariously aligned, both seeking to uncover the truth about the identity of Abby's husband's killer, and vow to save Independence -- a frontier boomtown where nothing is what it seems."

Apart from Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker, the cast members of Walker: Independence also included Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins, Greg Hovanessian as Sheriff Tom Davidson, Katie Findlay as Kate Carver, Philemon Chambers as Deputy Augustus, Lawrence Kao as Kai, Justin Johnson Cortez as Calian, and Gabriela Quezada as Lucia Reyes.


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