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5 times BLACKPINK proved their queen of K-pop status

BLACKPINK is currently the biggest girl group in the world. The four-member South Korean girl group has multiple achievements under its belt. With their strong lyrics, multi-talented members, and fan engagement, BLACKPINK makes sure to leave an impact whenever they make a public appearance.This goes on to prove that the girls own their queen status. Whether it is breaking records or starting a new trend, BLACKPINK makes sure to take all the credits.

Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa made their grand debut as BLACKPINK on August 8, 2016. So far, the girl group has released multiple EPs, solo songs, singles, and a studio album. The girl group has released multiple songs which were big hits globally. The quartet will soon be releasing more music, probably planning to break more records.


Before BLACKPINK makes another rocking comeback, here are five times the girl group proved their queen of K-pop status.

5 times BLACKPINK proved their K-pop queen status


1) Billboard mentions and feat

.@BLACKPINK becomes the first female group to top the Billboard Artist 100 chart in the US.
3:27 AM · Oct 13, 2020

Soon after BLACKPINK's debut, the girls marked their success by securing the 92nd position on the Canadian Hot 100 chart (dated November 26) with Playing With Fire. This song made them the first K-pop group to ever chart on the Canadian Hot 100.

More than that, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du by the group opened at No. 52, making it the highest charting hit by a K-pop girl group act. The girls also topped the Emerging Artists chart and became the first K-pop girl group to achieve the title. Their latest album, The Album, was a major hit, topping various charts across the globe.

2) Youtube Records


BLACKPINK is called the YouTube Queens for all the right reasons. The four-member girl group is the first ever K-pop group to get 1 billion views on their music video for Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. They also hold the record of being the artists with the most subscribers on YouTube, defeating Justin Bieber.

They thanked BLINKS (fandom) for their YouTube success and hoped that they would enjoy the honor as well. Further, the quartet said, “We will continue to bring positivity and great energy through our music and videos.”

3) Starting Fashion Trends

orange haired jennie kim is the new standard
2:55 AM · Apr 11, 2022

All four members of the group can be dubbed trend-setters. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa continuously inspire fans with their fresh looks and outfits. Jennie is particularly responsible for starting multiple fashion trends in Korea and among her fans. From the latest Y2K fashion to modernized hanboks (from How You Like That MV), all these fashion trends were started by the group.

4) Massive Album and Merch Sales


Without a doubt, the Lovesick Girls singers have sold millions of their albums within seconds. Most of their albums have earned certifications from the KMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association). Additionally, their studio album The Album crossed 1 million stock pre-orders, giving them another first.

Apart from their music, the merch also sells out fast. Items associated with the members and endorsed by them immediately vanishes from the marketplace.

5) First K-pop Girl Group Credited by RIAA

US Certifications (@RIAA): BLACKPINK (@ygofficialblink), DDU-DU DDU-DU Gold (500,000).
5:39 AM · Aug 23, 2019

The YG Entertainment girl group made history after becoming the first K-pop girl group that got recognized by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The girls went gold after their hit Ddu-Du Ddu-Du was certified by the association.

Many more firsts are yet to be added to BLACKPINK's credit list. With new music coming soon, one can expect the girl group and BLINKS to break more records.

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