BLACKPINK new song leak: Jeon So Mi’s little mishap sends BLINKS into a frenzy

Jeon Somi (left) and BLACKPINK (right) (Image via Instagram/@somsomi0309/@blackpinkofficial)
Jeon Somi (left) and BLACKPINK (right) (Image via Instagram/@somsomi0309/@blackpinkofficial)

K-pop soloist Jeon Somi accidentally leaked what appears to be BLACKPINK's comeback song. The idol held a live broadcast on her social media handle and opened the door to a recording room where music and singing could be heard.

Ennik Somi Douma, better known by her Korean name Jeon So Mi, is a Canadian-Dutch-Korean singer-songwriter based in South Korea. Jeon rose to stardom as the winner of the competition show Produce 101. She later went on to debut as a member of the iconic K-pop girl group I.O.I in 2016.

Jeon Somi's Instagram live possibly leaked BLACKPINK's new song

It’s been a while since BLACKPINK released music and fans have been eagerly waiting for their return to the music scene. The group’s fandom, BLINKs, continue to demand that their label, YG Entertainment, gives the global K-pop group a comeback.

Previously, BLACKPINK's Jennie and Jisoo reassured fans that the group was working hard to produce new music. There are also rumors going around that the group might release something after the summer of 2022. K-pop soloist Jeon Somi might have confirmed these speculations.

The Canadian-Dutch K-pop idol is signed under YG’s subsidiary label, The Black Label. However, she also uses the agency’s building and is one of the three female acts under YGE.

On March 2, 2022, Jeon Somi hosted a live broadcast on her official Instagram account and showed fans the YGE building while interacting with them. She shared sweet stories about her time in JYPE and her close friendship with Stray Kid’s Bang Chan and aespa’s Giselle.

While looking for a comfortable spot to film her live video, Jeon Somi accidentally opened the door to a recording room. As she opened the door, loud and unheard music blasted out which took the artist by surprise, after which she quickly closed the door and ran away from the site.

Later on during her broadcast, Somi asked and hoped her viewers didn’t hear anything. She said:

"I hope you didn't hear anything, I tried my best to close that door".

She continued:

I'm very hot right now, 'cause I was very surprised. My heart dropped that second and I was like oh my God."

After a minor mishap, the soloist immediately fled the spot and ran with a panicked look on her face that fans found hilarious. They pointed out that had she not reacted that way, no one would have figured it out or thought about it.

Nevertheless, BLINKs took to Twitter to rave about the incident and stated that they might have heard K-pop idol Jennie singing. Now, fans aren’t too sure whether the song is for a BLACKPINK comeback or group member Jennie’s venture as a soloist.

Additionally, netizens also created several hilarious memes with Jeon Somi’s reaction to the sudden incident after she unintentionally might have leaked BLACKPINK’s upcoming track.

Soon enough, YG Entertainment began taking down snippets of Somi's live broadcast on all social media handles. The agency sent out copyright complaints and emails to all posts that were uploaded.

More about Jeon Somi

Following the disbandment of I.O.I’s group activities, Jeon Somi ventured out as a solo artist by releasing her debut solo album XOXO on October 29, 2021, under The Black Label.


The album came two months after the release of her single Dumb Dumb, which dropped in August 2021. Additionally, the singer recently announced via a live broadcast that she is working on a new rock song.

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