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Jimin and V (Image via @BTS_twt/Twitter)

Top 5 VMIN moments on Run BTS that restore our belief in soulmates

BTS members Jimin and V are known as "VMIN," a mash up of their stage names. They are also adoringly called soulmates by ARMYs. Both were born in 1995 and have been each other's best friends ever since they started training under Big Hit Music.

The duo even released an emotional song called Friends on BTS' fourth studio album, Map of the Soul: 7. The song reminisces their friendship since their school days and is a promise to continue their bond forever.

Soulmates Taehyung jimin
vmin 80% of every RUN BTS ep:
6:41 AM · Aug 17, 2021

"You are my soulmate" is a lyric from their song Friends, displaying their sincerity and love for one another, confirming that they too see each other as their soulmates.


VMIN are soulmates: here are 5 RUN BTS moments to prove it

1) Winter Bear

Remember how Jimin gave Taehyung Winter Bears as a gift in Run BTS and he used it as the cover art. True soulmates. #vmin #1YearWithWinterBear
12:41 PM · Aug 9, 2020

In episode 85, the members exchanged presents as part of the Manito game. V was then in the process of releasing his song Winter Bear, and Jimin gifted him two bear figurines because of the song. Later, V used the figurines as his cover picture for the song. Jimin also affectionately calls V "baby bear."

2) VMIN's serendipity

They got to wear each others outfits..
[RUN BTS P.105]
6:07 AM · Jun 23, 2020

Episode 105 was full of laughter and creativity. The members had to make outfits from scratch, but there was a huge catch - they had to randomly pick the name of the person who would be wearing their designs. Jimin and V serendipitously picked each other's names.


3) Never-ending support

The way vmin are always ready to support each other even when they're not on the same team #soulmates #vmin #friends

RUN @BTS_twt Ep.-139
8:06 AM · Apr 28, 2021

VMIN are there for each other no matter the situation. In episode 139, the group was learning table tennis from Olympic Gold Medalist Ryu Seungmin, and V came out on top, winning all his matches against the members.

When Ryu challenged him to a match, V was able to defeat the Olympian, who was playing with a ladle instead of a paddle. Jimin was overjoyed by V's win, despite being defeated in the previous matches, and lifted V up in his arms to celebrate his win.

4) VMIN's telepathy

[210202] RUN BTS! EP. 127
VMin are definitely made for each other Eternal soulmates
7:09 AM · Feb 2, 2021

In episode 127, the members had to finish 14 games to be able to go home early. V and Jimin ended up being last and had to play rock paper scissors to decide the ultimate loser. The rest of the members could leave for home, but the loser had to carry out the punishment and stay back.

Deciding the loser proved to be difficult as both sides kept showing the same hand sign. Their soulmate telepathy was clearly working overtime.

5) Run BTS editors exposing them as soulmates

run bts editors: and they were SOULMATES
6:13 AM · Jun 16, 2020

It's not just ARMYs who believe Jimin and V are soulmates. Run BTS editors do not miss any opportunity to label every interaction between Jimin and V as soulmate behavior.

Clearly, everyone who has seen them interact with each other gets convinced that the two do have a bond above friendship, seeping into soulmate territory. It is beautiful to see such close relations between the two members, making us all wish we had a Jimin or V for ourselves.

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