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  • Why was Mildred from The Ultimatum: Queer Love arrested? Popular reality TV star accuses Tiff of bringing other girls home
Mildred and Tiff are no longer together (Image via Netflix)

Why was Mildred from The Ultimatum: Queer Love arrested? Popular reality TV star accuses Tiff of bringing other girls home

The reunion of The Ultimatum: Queer Love season 1, which was released on Wednesday, June 7, turned out to be very explosive for Tiff and Mildred as they kept on accusing each other of pretty serious stuff. This further led to the revelation that Mildred was arrested after she threw a heavy pet gate at her partner, Tiff.

She had also thrown a photo frame, whose glass got shattered everywhere, and had emptied out all of Tiff's clothes from her closet to throw her out of the house. Mildred accused Tiff of asking to pay rent in three partitions, as her young son was also living with them, and of bringing home girls from dating applications while she was still paying for her stuff financially.


Tiff explained that they had broken up at the time and could invite anybody home. She denied the allegation of asking to divide rent into three parts but did not clarify why Mildred got the idea of doing so.

Mildred told the other cast members on The Ultimatum: Queer Love that when the couple moved in together after the finale engagement, Tiff brought up no plans of getting married and even shamed her for being a mother. Tiff said she did not connect with the kid and had never betrayed Mildred.


What else was revealed on The Ultimatum: Queer Love reunion?


Mildred admitted that their relationship was a roller-coaster from the beginning and that Tiff never contributed financially towards the home. She was accused of being a "trash mom" and slammed Tiff for playing s*x games with other women in her house.

Tiff denied the blame and said that Mildred was trying to gaslight her. On the other hand, Mildred kept interrupting her and said that her voice hurt her ears. Tiff was annoyed by this and walked out of the room. Sam, her trial wife, followed her as she felt that one person was being blamed for everything.

Tiff explained that she should have shown the bank receipts for the rent claim and decided to walk away. Sam came back alone on stage and said that Tiff was doing "as good as she could" and that she was not going to come back. Mildred was not shocked by this and instead talked about dating other partners in the future.


About The Ultimatum: Queer Love couple Tiff and Mildred

Tiff and Mildred joined the show The Ultimatum: Queer Love after a two-year-long on-and-off relationship. Mildred was the one that gave Tiff the ultimatum to either marry her or break up. In their trial marriages, Aussie left Tiff after realizing they had no chemistry.

Mildred and Tiff connected well after that, and the latter also made a huge confession that she was never in love with her ex-wife but married her anyhow. In the finale, they admitted that they learned a lot during this experiment, and Tiff assured Mildred that she would be there for them now physically.

After professing their love for each other, Mildred accepted Tiff's proposal. After that, Tiff never brought up the topic of marriage, and the same clouds shadowed their relationship. She even refused to open a bank account with Mildred.

All the episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love are now available on Netflix.


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