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"Plot's been getting thicker by the day and right now it's thick as clam chowder" - Prakash Amritraj on Novak Djokovic visa saga


Prakash Amritraj recently gave his thoughts on Novak Djokovic's visa fiasco. According to the former player, the Serb's situation is getting more complicated by the minute.

Djokovic's visa was canceled for a second time on Friday by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who exercised federal powers granted to him under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act. The World No. 1 is currently in detention, with his second trial slated to begin on Sunday. Court proceedings will be streamed on YouTube.


Prakash Amritraj, on his part, feels that the situation has become as dense as "clam chowder", one of the thickest soups in existence. However, the former player stressed that the situation could have been easily avoided by setting up a clear rule regarding vaccination.

"Look the plot's been getting thicker by the day and right now it's thick as a clam chowder," Prakash Amritraj said on the Tennis Channel. "But first let me just say I do not think that we needed to have gotten here. If you go back a little while vaxxed or no-vaxxed you could have made a rule either way. You get get vaxxed, you can come in play. You don't get vaccinated, you can't come and play. It's black and white, there's no grey area."
"I'm not arguing for or against his life choices...but he came in and now he's suffering the consequences."

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05:12 AM · Jan 15, 2022

"Novak Djokovic is suffering the consequences" - Prakash Amritraj

During the discussion, Prakash Amritraj drew attention to the fact that Novak Djokovic received a medical exemption from two separate bodies, including one set up by the Victorian government.


The Indian-American suggested the Serb was not at fault for entering Australia after he was granted a medical exemption, but in the end it was the 20-time Major champion having to deal with the repercussions.

"But having gone into this grey area, let's just state the facts of the case," Prakash Amritraj continued. "Novak got an exemption from the Federation, from two governing bodies and on that he came in. Now I'm not arguing for or against his life choices but simply based on that he came in and now he is suffering the consequences."

If Djokovic does not have his visa reinstated, he will not be allowed to compete at the 2022 Australian Open, which begins on Monday. The Serb is still in the draw and is scheduled to face compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic in the first round.

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