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Should Valorant adopt an Honor system like League of Legends?

Valorant has emerged as one of the most dominant shooter games in recent times. Some players work hard to rank up and improve their gameplay, while others prefer to troll and throw away matches. This has negatively impacted the matchmaking process and watered down the competitive experience.

Riot Games published Valorant years after League of Legends, an online multiplayer strategy title. The publisher established a player rating system called the “Honor system” in League of Legends that helps filter players from toxic ones. A Redditor cited his opinion on a similar system being implemented in Valorant.


Let us take a closer look at the Honor system and its impact on Riot’s first-person shooter title.

Valorant matchmaking might improve with an honor system like League of Legends

Riot Games has a reliable team capable of developing the best balances and presenting a finished product. However, the publisher cannot control the nature or behavior of the player base when they queue online. The game features a highly competitive esports scene where numerous players dream of participating.


Unfortunately, some players prefer to disrupt matches rather than focus on winning. As such, they try everything in their power to interfere with the team and sabotage their chances of winning.

Honor system

The Honor system in League of Legends is a method that provides incentives for players with good behavior and positively influences gameplay. This is achieved by being a genuine player who plays to win and does not actively sabotage the team. This levels up a player's Honor rank and matches them with others of a similar Honor level while queuing.


Valorant and Honor system

Valorant has gone through a wide array of changes since its release. The developers have updated, added, and removed various elements to uplift the overall experience. However, they cannot identify players based on their team contributions and positivity. As a result, all players enter the same queue and abide by a rank-based matchmaking system.

A Valorant player and Redditor “Tinynoxx” recently posted their views on the wonders that an Honor system, similar to League of Legends, could do. The player, however, admits that it is barely a concept and has several holes in its design.


Here is a list of the key features that could be implemented in Riot's shooter title Honor system.

  • The Honor system can only be used to provide positive feedback to players. This will ensure the system cannot be abused to drag down and target players in the lobby forcefully.
  • Players in a party cannot provide positive feedback to each other. However, playing the game properly without evident toxicity or abuse (text and voice chat) will automatically level up the Honor level of the players in the party.
  • A separate Honor queue can be implemented where the Honor rank is considered when queuing up. This system would require precision when placing Honor players with similar skill groups on the same team.
  • The Honor system could be used as an incentive program that rewards players when they rank up. The free availability of unique Honor rank gun buddies, player cards, and even sprays might be a good start.

Introducing an honor system to Valorant is not far-fetched, as Riot has already done this with League of Legends. The system will require extensive testing and balance changes to make it as fair as possible. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates and more gameplay guides.

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